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  1. Stunner

    Wc3 and 4 COG versions

    Been a LOOOONG time guys and girls but ive finally gotten back to sol system and downloaded wc3 and 4 thru cog as my new gaming computer doesn't have a CD drive and don't wanna bother with external one. So here are my questions WC3: How do i fix the stutters in the cutscenes? How can i use the...
  2. Stunner

    Back again

    So almost a year since Ive been here but just a quick question about an old project does anyone know what happened to the videos from Rebel Assault other than the dragon/lance fighters taking out the base? Namely Im looking for ones involving the new carrier design they came up with ones if...
  3. Stunner

    Christmas list

    So going through every site I could remember and following any leads I had on my own so unless im mistaken here is a list of missing ships for wcp/so Wing Commander Universe BWS Intrepid Borderworlds Destroyer Borderworlds Frigate TCS Lexington Confed Wc3/4 Thunderbolt Confed Wc3/4...
  4. Stunner

    Vesuvius Bridge

    Does anyone or can anyone get some pics of the inside of the bridge (where tolwyn sits)
  5. Stunner

    Behemoth and Intrepid

    I know they have been done and I have even had them before but my computer crashed and I lost all my mods for SO and these are the only 2 I cant find by themselves so if anyone could help that would be great!
  6. Stunner


    Ok so when i load it it says MSVBVM50.dll was not found so what exactly does that mean?
  7. Stunner

    Undertaker cross

    Yeah has anyone here seen or have the undertakers cross made out of stone with lighting all around it?
  8. Stunner

    All these new ships

    Ok so with the Juland, the two kilrathi ships and such when might they be downloadable for the Secret ops engine? And if they are may I have a link?
  9. Stunner

    Extracting in flight comms

    Ok this has probably already been discussed but is there a way or a program to extract the in flight comms from Wc3, Wc4, Wc5 and Wc5 secret ops?
  10. Stunner


    Yeah is any in the Akron, Cuyhoga Falls, Stow, Monroe Falls, Tallmadge OHIO area looking for something to do? If so the leave a message stating what part of OHIO you are in and an email addy that you can be reached at for more information
  11. Stunner

    Wc to B5

    Yeah what happened to this mod? Did it just die or what? It was on a huge roll and then just came to a screching hault. What's up?
  12. Stunner

    Ripping movies

    Ok from Wc4 I got all of them save for Intro (long one) Vagabond and sosa stealing the data and he dies Ending (long one) The error is something about not being a supported file, but isnt it just ripping it to an avi file? Why might this be happening? I've tried several times and am...
  13. Stunner

    Wc3 fine WcP fine but no Wc4

    Ok I can play and install wc3 and wcp but when I try to install wc4 then my screen goes blank and nothing happens at all and when I hit esc then it just goes away? Anyone have any ideas on why this is doing this or how to fix it with windows XP?
  14. Stunner

    UE cabinet

    Yeah when I tried installing the full verision it quit half way through and said that the cabinet file is either missing or incomplete or in error and then shuts down. What is up with this?
  15. Stunner

    Prophecy and SO in XP

    Ok my comp is Dell Dimension 4550 series Pent 4 processor at 2.0 Ghz 256 DDR SDRAM at 266MHz 32MB ATI RAGE UNTRA 4X AGP video card 48X max cd drive Soundblaster Live! Now from what I have seen all I need to do to slow down the movies in wcp or in wcso get ride of that glide error...
  16. Stunner

    And now there are two

    Hey with this one open will the other Wc:UE forum remain open or will one of the two begin to fade or will they both stay active?
  17. Stunner

    Wc Game movie list

    Yeah does anyone know where I can find the page with all of the game movie files?
  18. Stunner

    Judgement day pt6

    So Billy heads to the male changing room to see if he can get to Jared before he leaves for the mission. So once he gets into the room he walks up behind Jared and clubs him and knocks him unconscience. He then steals his name tag and helmet and heads out to his excalibur. He climbs in and just...
  19. Stunner

    Judgement Day update5

    After a few seconds of peace the group does a fly-by the recage of Margar's fighter in memory and paying honor. Then they receive a comm from the durago thanking and congradulating them for their victory and their condolences for the loss of their wingman and friend. To avoid further damage the...
  20. Stunner

    Judgement day as of 1-25-02

    Just then Ginger comes in and starts up the morning breakfasts and notices that Stunner and Dragoon are talking and both look upset, so she comes over and asks what is wrong. "Oh just a bit of family trouble." replies Stunner. "Alright but remember I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY fighting in my bar damn...