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  1. John Cordell

    Perry Scene - Wallpaper

    Today many PC video games feature some kind of wallpaper to pin onto your desktop. Privateer never had an official wallpaper but there was nice box cover artwork! We use that for our website's head as well as for the CD covers we provide for download. The original source was only available in...
  2. John Cordell

    Privateer Gemini Gold 1.02a

    Privateer Gemini Gold 1.02a Recently we have released Privateer Gemini Gold 1.02a. This is basically the "old" 1.02 version with fixes for the most annoying bugs. CHANGES FROM 1.02 TO 1.02a A. new paradigm model with turrets B. new "New Constantinople Superbase" model...
  3. John Cordell

    What ship could that be?

    Look at that - found it in the privateer design sheets. I have never seen it anywhere before. What ship could that be?
  4. John Cordell

    Privateer Gemini Gold 1.02

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Privateer Gemini Gold team has finished it's second major release! With this important milestone we double the effective game resolution and introduce Privateer like interfaces. Some other changes are: A. new cargo/upgrade item pictures B. new title...
  5. John Cordell

    Interview: Privateer Gemini Gold

    While you are (hopefully) waiting for our next release, the people over at the german Station Network decided to have a short talk with me about the development of Gemini Gold. If you understand german, you can head over to...
  6. John Cordell

    Privateer Cutscenes

    Greetings, for our next release we are currently in the process to add movie support to the engine. Unfortunately i do not see any chance to get redone Privateer cutscenes anytime soon, so we are forced to use the original ones. Does anybody want to help and spend some time to capture those...
  7. John Cordell

    Software Booth

    Gemini Gold's Software Booth is almost done. The only thing we need are the five starmaps redone at a higher resolution (at least 256x256). If you want to help, write a mail to or post it here.
  8. John Cordell


    If you want to help and contribute something you should take a look around here. If you have technical problems with the game please post here. If you have found in v1.01 bugs to report, they go in here.
  9. John Cordell

    OT: Origin Party

    Maybe you know it already, maybe not...
  10. John Cordell

    Galaxy get's a new look?

    A new texture for the galaxy was created some time ago, what do you think of it? Any suggestions for improvements? I took some screenshots out of GG to show you the latest version...
  11. John Cordell

    Gemini Gold 1.01 for Linux

    We've done it again. The patch is now available for Linux ... just for the few who care ;)
  12. John Cordell

    Gemini Gold 1.01 for Mac OSX

    You can now download the newest Privateer Gemini Gold version for your Mac OSX system. It's the fully updated game package. Don't forget to run setup before you start playing.
  13. John Cordell

    Privateer Gemini Gold 1.01 (Bugfix)

    The 1.01 patch caused a game crash within the RF campaign. It's fixed now, all you have to do is download the 1.01 patch again from our files section and install it.
  14. John Cordell

    Galaxy needs Texture

    A while ago BradMick created a wonderful galaxy mesh but it still does not have an appropriate texture. Look at this beauty, she needs your help!
  15. John Cordell

    Official Forum

    We have opened a little forum on the official Gemini Gold website which you can use from now on as well as our presence here on Tread in and take a seat...
  16. John Cordell

    Overhauled Manual

    The Gemini Gold manual was overhauled and updated for the upcoming 1.01 patch, you're free to download it and send us corrections or suggestions what you think we should change for the final version. Download Link
  17. John Cordell

    Gemini Gold CD Cover

    We are now providing the Download for a Privateer Gemini Gold CD Cover.
  18. John Cordell

    Contribute Artwork

    Contributions You like Privateer Gemini Gold and want to help us make it better? You want to become a part of the development team and enjoy the work on the next release? We could use some help within the following areas: 1. Modeling 2. Animations 3. Website 4. Beta Testing 1...
  19. John Cordell

    Privateer Remake & Gemini Gold Websites

    Privateer Remake Privateer Gemini Gold
  20. John Cordell

    Beta - Privateer Gemini Gold

    Serious work on the Privateer Remake twin Gemini Gold was finished and i'm proud to announce that the beta test will start in a couple of hours. You can expect a standalone 200 MB release which will include all game files and of course the recent 1.2 release changes from the remake itself. So...