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  1. Silverforce

    Long time WC fan, now solo-gamedev, presenting Star Nomad 2

    I've always had a long love for spacesims ever since the early 90s, as a teen with a joystick in hand enjoying the wing commanders way too much. But the best times were in Privateer 1 & 2. Back then, I had always wanted to be a gamedev, but life took a different course and I ended up in...
  2. Silverforce

    I'm making a top down rpg/rts tribute to Privateer, can I use Mad Hatter's music?

    It's a space sandbox game inspired by Privateer and Escape Velocity for Android and iOS. I would love to put in there music from Privateer, remixed by Mad Hatter available on the CIC for download as mp3s.. but I wonder if its legal? Anyone have any insights? I can't find any information...