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  1. Malcolm Reynolds

    Cutting-Edge Fan Theory: Why The Kilrathi War Lasted So Long

    Hi all! Been about 1000 years. I missed this place. I was recently feeling nostalgic about Wing Commander and decided to read the Heart of the Tiger novelization. It's actually pretty good! Now that I'm a little older, something struck me: How is it that the active duty military pilots spend...
  2. Malcolm Reynolds

    Mal's Next Model

    Soon I'll be releasing the final pics of by model of the TCS Tiger's Claw. I'm trying to decide what my next project should be. The three ideas I have are a Hornet, a Wake or one of those most excellent fan-designed Tolmacs class carriers. The Wake or the Tolmacs I'd like to build to scale with...
  3. Malcolm Reynolds

    Pericles Papercraft: Anybody ever made one?

    The question is in the title. If so, I'd like to see some images! As I'm completing my rendition of the Claw, I was thinking about my original inspiration and I was wondering if anybody on the forums have constructed any of Pericles models. Particularly this one...
  4. Malcolm Reynolds

    Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

    I know there are some Battlestar fans around here. I'm certainly one, so I thought I'd post the trailer for the new series. It might be terrible, but it also might be awesome. At the very least it looks like there will be some cool space battles. No release date yet but I guess we'll have to...
  5. Malcolm Reynolds

    Unwrapping/Unfolding 3D Meshes for models

    I've been working pretty hard on my TCS Tiger's Claw model and I'm almost done. I have a quick question that some of you might know the answer to. Pericles in particular might be able to give me some feedback. I know that he uses Pepekura viewer or some program like that to unwrap 3D meshes from...
  6. Malcolm Reynolds

    Tiger's Claw Model

    Hey everybody, thought you might be interested in following my construction of a papercraft version of the TCS Tiger's Claw. I'm basing it on Howard Day's amazing Bengal render, in fact, I'm using his meshes to skin the model. Basically, I printed out the one texture map I could find of his...
  7. Malcolm Reynolds

    How many docking bays on a Bengal? (and other questions)

    I am planning on building a model of the TCS Tiger's Claw. A few design questions: I am wondering how many landing bays are there on a Bengal? Is there an official statistic on this? In this image it appears that there are 13--6 on each side as well as a central one which in most images...
  8. Malcolm Reynolds

    Papercraft Hornet I don't know if anybody has seen this and discussed it already, but it's a absolutly cool paper model of a Hornet from Wing Commander 1. Just thought I'd share.