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  1. StarSaint

    Confederation Legacy - CLOSED - MAYBE - MAYBE NOT

    Confederation Legacy - CLOSED I've finally got fed up with it all, I'm out, Tolwyn Wing Ccommander Saga is yours.
  2. StarSaint

    Ok I'm back, order of business

    First off i passed cisco Failed my online final exam with a 65.2 and passed the course with a 94.7 - for Cisco 4 Wan Technologies Cisco 3 i made a overall grade of 83 now that i'm done with college till next fall(gotta build up my cash again) its time to get back to business...
  3. StarSaint

    HW2 MOD info, 1 big Hitch

    the RDN tools, seem to only work with Maya 3.0 (i have Maya 4.5 Unlimited) so it'll be a bit before i can properly convert ships and get them working with HW2 everything else is up and running just the modelling side is being a pain. so until a decent 3rd party tool works or Relic releases...
  4. StarSaint

    WCS:CL Ship Slots

    Well this is and isn't a list of ship slots used ingame these will be the ship points ingame as i hope please notify me of which ships have been left off(this was done by memory so if its inaccurate please notify me) Fighters Recon(r)/Patrol(p) Fighters ---------------------------...
  5. StarSaint

    WCS:CL Mod Updates (UPDATED 11-20-03)

    Wcs:cl Mod Update 11-17-03 well good news and bad news the good news is, i'm making headway with the mod tools, already have the confed race ingame Races can be added to game, new weapons, new ships etc can be added matter a fact according to documentation it would seem they prefer u ADD...
  6. StarSaint

    Cisco Class

    Since cisco has gotten much harder from what it was, and i start Cisco 4 from now till December... I'm gonna be on hold on all modelling, and all my attempts at modding hw2 are put on hold as well.. its gonna a miracle for me to pass Cisco 3(8 tests by thursday night) then i'm gonna put...
  7. StarSaint

    Argh.... Maya Problems & Modding News

    Unless I can get my copy of maya working(key wont work), I think we are gonna need someone who knows how to convert LW, and 3DSM files to Maya wavefront format. IF anyone knows how or knows someone willing, or is willing please speak up we are interested. Modding NEWS Ok i've had to...
  8. StarSaint

    Homeworld 2 Modding Update

    Well from what I've been finding from friends who are picking at the game, and from what I've found. cool part 1. The ability to add a race is possible, whether we can include custome ships(meaning not replace current) would seem to be true, however that is not confirmed so I continue to...
  9. StarSaint

    Which Do you think should come first

    Ok. Mod tools are set to be released September 26th, that means Friday, thats right THIS FRIDAY. everyone keeps advising me to start with WC3-P cause of the abundence of ships The original plan of Wing Commander Saga: Confederation Legacy; WCS: CL Part 1 (Wing Commander 1 w/ SM 1&2)...
  10. StarSaint

    Wing Commander Saga: Confederation Legacy Part 1 Preliminary Shiplist

    OOOOOOOK lets get down and see what the team members think of this listing of ships Hiigaran = Terran Confederation Mothership Class Mothership = Undecided Shipyard = Undecided Fighter Class Scout = Hornet Interceptor = Rapier Bomber = Raptor Corvette Class Gunship = Scimitar...
  11. StarSaint

    Excellent news for the HW2 Team

    according to the latest update out of RDN and also on The Mod tools should be released on September 26th. A side treat added to that, is the fact that the HW1 engine will be released(ahem... Open Source)(thats if I read the email right) so i guess that all is great news...
  12. StarSaint

    Homeworld 2 GOT IT!!!!!

    hehehehe i love it when places get their copies early and the person in receiving stupidly puts it on the shelf a day early :P
  13. StarSaint

    WCS: Homeworld 2 Badges

    Will be posting the ones i've got done later tonight I have just the Confederation Logo done gonna have done the Kilrathi and Border Worlds logos then i'll post on here
  14. StarSaint

    clarification of Wing Commander Saga

    Ok to first off state Wing Commander Saga isn't one Specific Game mod, but rather two. The first, yet less successful, hopeful to change that, Wing Commander Saga: Confederation Legacy. This one went from about 5-6 different game titles before landing on HW2, guy that runs it (me), is a...
  15. StarSaint

    Homeworld 2 DEMO RELEASED Demo is out, just downloaded it, and from what i iknow so far it was released about 1pm today and you can get it as of right now, best way i have found to get it is by...
  16. StarSaint

    sorry for the hiatus

    been away for the past week or so, been working at the college and at school for extra cash. I'm low on cash and college tuition took all my money, putting me further into debt, and unless i feel like filing bankruptcy i gotta pay off my tidbit of debt quickly, so thats why i've been away and i...
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    IRC Relocated

    For More Details Check We are located on the server at #WCS
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    WC4 Personality Test

    well interesting little test, although a few of the choices are clearly obvious who it matches (i.e. Maniac) depending on what my responces were (some were a little scewy cause i was a bit inbetween on a few questions) well 3 times out of 5 i got and the other two i'd get...
  19. StarSaint

    Homeworld 2 Reqquirements and Modability News

    Homeworld 2 Reqquirements and MOD News All of the following was in a GameAxis Interview Required Minimum System Requirements: Operating System: Windows XP, 2000, 98, and ME Processor: Pentium III 833Mhz or AMD Athlon 833Mhz RAM: 256 Mb...
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    Temporary Hiatus

    Uhmmm... how can i put this clearly, I'm late on a Loan Payment, Parents are CUTTING the net for 2 week from my comp, be back when i can. hopefully gotta make the loan payment tomorrow promptly or i'm dead(parents co-signed)