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  1. paramagic

    WingNut Wedding: Chris & Lacey Take Off! (June 30, 2014)

    Congratulations Chris and Lacey! May you live long and prosper together!
  2. paramagic

    New 3D Thread

    Love that Hakaga @Klavs81 You are supremely talented. cant wait to see whats next from you!
  3. paramagic


    I rather like the idea of the beeping tone for the missile.
  4. paramagic

    BREAKING NEWS: More Wing Commander on Origin (June 17, 2014)

    Thank you kindly @Bandit LOAF While I view this as a not even thinly veiled attempt to cash in on recent events, as long as it results in more people playing Wing Commander then I can not really complain can I? Question, I notice a few people have said that the WCIII release from the EA...
  5. paramagic


    That hornet looks like it got stung. ;) but got a few stings in before the end. I think the shields at the moment are underpowered, as previously mentioned. I may be in the minority here, but I think the missiles are overpowered. One hit kills are a bit much. I suspect in the coming months...
  6. paramagic

    The Star Citizen Organization WCCIC

    Considering the Terran Confederation org is using the confed star I would suggest the combined forces logo if possible. (Despite the fact I prefer the confed star) as for the org background/header image I vote for the Howard Day image above. Its exceptional. I do have a soft spot for Klavs...
  7. paramagic

    The Hellcat V refit project

    Whiplash, that Hellcat is incredible. You did an outstanding job! You are talented!
  8. paramagic

    Video Combines the Best of Both Worlds (November 21, 2012)

    That was a very well done video, made me all nostalgic for WC1. I think I just may play some WC1 now. Well done Mr. Pasligh!
  9. paramagic

    Wing Commander 4 on Win 7 64bit

    Good morning everyone I am encountering the same problem as TheNerd1 I have read this thread and the CIC tech support page, and am at a loss as to what to do. I am running Win 7 pro x64 I have wc4dvd.exe set to win 98 compatibility and I have added gulikoza's DXMCI.dll Version 1.3...
  10. paramagic

    WC Pioneer Promo Video (gift #2)

    Cyberion, that was fantastic! very well done.
  11. paramagic

    What would you REALLY do in Wing Commander

    Hmmm... anything? ill go for Chief Medical officer on a hospital ship... maybe get lucky and get posted to a carrier like the TCS-Concordia... i have a feeling there would never be a dull moment.
  12. paramagic

    Standoff Ep. 4 Is Over Slow

    drivers finally rolled back to 6.X series drivers. IT WORKS!!! well, still kinda funny and choppier than it ought to be...but better. but now i cant play Half Life 2. so i have returned to the 7.X series drivers and will resign myself to playing Standoff on my laptop. which, in the end is...
  13. paramagic

    The most famous WC ship

    A good point. and Concordia was lost over vespus. Victory and Tarawa survived. which Leaves the Tigers Claw... destroyed by stealth fighters and the hero of the confederation scapegoated... hmmm... perhaps i may have to change my mind about the Concordia. to me, its really a tossup between the...
  14. paramagic

    Standoff Ep. 4 Is Over Slow

    ill try using a 6.X series driver tomorrow and see if it helps.
  15. paramagic

    Any fellow Wing Commander keyboard players out there?

    Keyboard for wing 1, 2 and 4... couldent get a thunderbolt to manover in wing 3 with the keyboard, so i saved up my allowance (this was back in the early 90's) and gave in and bought a joystick. now i wonder how i played and thrashed Thrakhath without the joystick. i do prefer a keyboard for...
  16. paramagic

    The most famous WC ship

    Tough question. I prefer the TCS-Concordia. it did have the PTC, and in the books the Concordia was practically revered. and if i remember correctly, it was the Concordia, that rode to the rescue to save the Tarawa. and the Concordia was Tolwyn's Flagship. but its really a tossup between...
  17. paramagic

    Standoff Ep. 4 Is Over Slow

    Eder I have tried playing with the settings ie anisotropic filtering, anti alising, buffering, and all the other settings... with everything maxed for performance and all detail options off, the slowdowns are minimalised, but whenever a comm goes out, the audio stutters... ie, it will repeat...
  18. paramagic

    Standoff Ep. 4 Is Over Slow

    Howdy I am experiencing slowdowns when playing Standoff on my desktop. it occurs in all episodes, if there are more than a few fighters the game becomes incredibly choppy in openGL and surprisingly its not much better in direct X. this is the only game i have to date noticed significant...
  19. paramagic

    Open Gl mode problem

    Same Problem with the Radar color. torning off fog does seem to help a tad. system specs AMD Sempron 3400+ (1.8ghz) 1.5 gig of 667 DDR2 ATI Radeon 2500 HD 256DDR2 Win XP SP2 on my old computer i was running an old ATI Radeon 9000 128meg, and it ran fine without the black radar. nontheless...
  20. paramagic

    New starfields!

    excellent job, i like the brighter screen shots more personally.