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    WC RPG?

    I think is is a good idea to made a WC RPG game for all the fans out there. Iam a german guy, and i cant good write englisch, maybe i understand it, i hope anybody can understand me too. :) if anybody has fun to do that or any ideas, can mail me. i hope to...
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    What must i exactly do that my WC1 and 2 will worked?

    In dos what must i do there? ------------------ Be a Kilrathi Killer :-)
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    You´re my last hope. Search Wing commander 1 and 2

    In Germany i dosn´t find anymore WC1 and WC2. And the kilrathi Saga isnt relaesed in Germany. I try to get the games but no shop will have it anymore. And now i try to become this games about this forum. if anybody can help me. Please mail. Helped me, you´re my last hope. ------------------ Be...
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    My PC is too fast for WC 1 and 2!

    What can i do? I had heard about a programm that will slowdown my PC. Where can i download it? thanks for answers. ------------------ Be a Kilrathi Killer :-)
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    Is there any History from the Nephilim?

    Had this race any history? That the kilrathis attack a ship of the terraner is known, but what is the History from the Nephilim? ------------------ Be a Kilrathi Killer :-)
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    Names from the pilots.

    I searched the names of the pilots from WC1-WCPSO. With callsign. And the kilrathi names. Where can i download it? Or can me anybody send it? Thanks "Maestro" ------------------ Be a Kilrathi Killer :-) [This message has been edited by Maestro (edited January 19, 2000).]
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    Whit wich Software can i see Wing Commander Academy on my Computer? Its the ending .RE? If anybody know please mail me. Thanks Maestro ------------------ Be a Kilrathi Killer :-)