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    Privateer in Windows ME

    Does anyone know if Privateer (and Armada) will work with Windows ME. Can you still use a bootdisk to get to real DOS? I don't want to upgrade if it means not playing DOS-only games ever again.
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    Vote for the WC series at

    Go to the PC Games voting booth at , select Items Archive and search for Wing Commander and/or Privateer. Every WC made is there for you to vote for even though none of them are currently on the charts. Make a statement by getting Prophecy and the other classic WCs back on...
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    Frame-limiting in Privateer 2

    I read something about a frame-limiting feature in P2 in a previous post (don't remember which one it was, sorry). Is it true that P2 is supposed to slow itself down without using Turbo or Moslo and it is a bug that makes it go way too fast? Is it OK on any new computers? I have the DOS version...
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    The Ride

    Any info on the Ride that was supposed to come out last month? Does anyone know where it is? Has anyone been on it? Just wondering.
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    Prophecy "Disk Space" problem

    I just got a new hard drive, put on a clean install of Windows 98 and put Prophecy and all my savegames and history back on. I can load my savegames just fine and can play the missions, but whenever I try and exit the simulator it displays the following error: File write operation failed. You...