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  1. Iceblade

    Database Slider on Website Problem

    I can no longer move the slider on the website for the craft databases. Maybe a deprecated function is used?
  2. Iceblade

    Join Us in Gemini

    Come on, come all and join us in the Gemini Sector this coming Saturday starting at 11 AM EST. The Wing Commander Gemini Sector Discord RPG will be holding a one-shot session to introduce new players to the roleplaying and combat system. No character creation is required as we will have some...
  3. Iceblade

    Interest in a Text-Based Roleplay Wing Commander Game

    I am looking into setting up a Discord-based text roleplaying game with a mixture of scheduled events and free-form roleplaying by players. The game would be wiki-supported for information and logs. Set in Gemini Sector, players will primarily play pilots onboard a carrier caught behind the...
  4. Iceblade

    Plunkett Class Cruiser - Improving wiki entry

    From a thread... a long long .... long time ago, back when the poor still used dial-up for internet. There is this little nugget about the Plunkett that I didn't know before. So there was development history for the Plunkett class! I knew about the design document, but never this story. It...
  5. Iceblade

    WC Gemini Sector Forum RP looking for a few good men

    WC Gemini Sector Forum RP looking for a few good men and women The year is 2659. War between the Terran Confederation and the felinoid aliens known as the Kilrathi has raged for twenty years, with no end in sight. Seeking to break the stalemate, the Kilrathi have launched a surprise offensive...
  6. Iceblade

    Liberation of Gemini - The Battle of Junction [WCGS MUSH]

    The events in this system are where the MUSH reaching it's peak in roleplaying and action.
  7. Iceblade

    Liberation of Gemini - Castor Oil [WCGS MUSH]

    Foreward: The Wing Commander Gemini Sector MUSH was a Multi-User Shard Habitat set aboard the Bengal Class Strike Carrier TCS Majestic in the year 2657. Seeking to break the stalemate, the Kilrathi launched a surprise offensive through the edge of Terran-controlled space in Gemini Sector. A...
  8. Iceblade

    So few jump points between Earth and Kilrah

    Hmmm... I just noticed that there seems to be very very very few jump points that separate Kilrah and Earth, which begs the question: How does Confed not have Proxima packed with defensive installations that would be setting off lots and lots of alarm bells when the Nephilim appear, especially...
  9. Iceblade

    Low interest in Text-Based Roleplay

    I have been left wondering why there is a low interest in various text-based roleplay forms (eg MUSHs and Forum RP) especially with the Wing Commander community here. I would really like to hear what reasons you specifically aren't interested or find it not worth the time (as opposed to guesses...
  10. Iceblade

    WCPedia: Adding real world details to star system info

    I am wondering if anybody thinks it would be interesting/useful/allowed to add summaries of real details about the actual star systems that Wing Commander used. For instance, Pollux is a red giant that was formally an A-type main sequence star. Currently the star produces the characteristic...
  11. Iceblade

    WC Prophecy Multiplayer Mission Development

    Is it possible to add AI's to the multiplayer mission? Has anyone tried?
  12. Iceblade

    Star Citizen Role Poll for Wingnuts

    So, we know from the general SC fan population the roles that the player base is leaning toward. I am curious to know if the Wingnuts have different predilections. Please choose the option(s) that you feel best describes your desired role in SC. Please choose at most 3 options. Just a note...
  13. Iceblade

    Favorite Missions or Mission-sets (of course spoilers)

    Wing Commander Saga has some varied and interesting missions. So my question is which ones did you like most and for what reasons: story, gameplay, art environment, etc. My favorites have to be the Caliban system missions. I really enjoyed the new take on the nebula environment. The...
  14. Iceblade

    Crew Sizes and the Exeter

    I looked at the crew complement for the Exeter Destroyer and was shocked at the size: 9, really? Might as well be a corvette. Source: I could see maybe 90, especially if there is a hanger, but 9. Strange to say the least. Then again, I...
  15. Iceblade

    Navs, orientations, and ship positions

    Okay, I'm getting very disorientated with orientations and the relation between within navpoints and nav positions globally. Caution: This might come off a littler rant-ish. I apologize in advance. Most of this stems from frustration over trying to figure out and explain the confusion/issues...
  16. Iceblade

    WCSO Bullet.Iff

    I'm doing some weapon importing to FC and I noticed a detail in the bullet.iff entries that is unknown. It definitely has nothing to do with the Hud image nor does it appear to have an impact on whether the weapon damage type. I thought it might be mass, but even large values have no impact on...
  17. Iceblade

    Capship Components and Weapons in the making

    Hello friends, This thread will be my progress through importation and tuning of a capship with primary focus on components both in creating new components and dealing with turrets. No doubt, I will run into difficulties, so I will from time to time ask for help or suggestions. The first...
  18. Iceblade

    WC Importers/Extractors

    Has there been any updates to the importer/extractor tools since 2005? Namely to import parts from WCSO that include things like debris and various other features that have been added to FC in addition to more accurately importing these ships.
  19. Iceblade

    Wing Commander: Fleet Assault

    Announcing a new campaign for Flight Commander that I'm titling Fleet Assault. The Campaign will provide shows players what Flight Commander can do with well built campaign and give many examples for designers to use to assist in their own fan mods using this engine. In addition, the mod will...
  20. Iceblade

    Weird Prophecy Problem in Vista 64

    I just want to note first off that this post isn't to ask for help, but to help others that might encounter this problem. I've been trying to get prophecy to run using the high-res movie/game and no-cd upgrades, but the game itself would never start to play. I checked the compatibility (95...