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    Corrupt files on WCIV DVD

    Hi there! I've recently bought the WCIV-DVD on ebay, man was I happy to finally get my hands on this! But now it seems that some of the movie files on side A are corrupt(if you wish, I could post which of them exactly). The game itself works great (even the movies played least one...
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    WC IV 16 SV ?

    I have a question:What is the WCIV_16SV patch in your files section good for (Graphics Improvement?) ,and why do I always get that failure text when I`m trying to run it: LHA`s SFX 2.13S (c) Yoshi,1991 HeaderC Error ?
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    WC IV Windows 95 troubles-need help!

    I downloaded your WCIV-95 Patch and installed it without problems.I chose the 24-bit true color-Version and started the,this looked just brilliant! but now I`ve got 2 problems: 1. the mouse cursour is always going from left to right so the game is uncontrollable! 2. in the...