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    Best soundtrack?

    I'm listening to WC3's soundtrack and thinking this stuff is timeless. WC1 and 2 have great pieces, but they have shown their age over the years. WC4 has awesome music as well but something about the urgency in the WC3 music gets me going a little more than the darkness and betrayal in the...
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    Hey guys, I wanted to say that i absolutely love WC Saga. It's pure genious! The thing I don't love is the way the darn mouse operates in it. Contrary to the classic WC mouse operation, WC saga requires you to continue rolling the mouse, discombobulating space flight and making dog fighting...
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    Flight Recorder

    I have been thinking about the mission in Episode 1, where Squealer attempts to lure you over to the pirates. The mission ends with you destroying the flight recorder and taking a lot of flak for it from Spoons, Chief Tech etc. Soon after you face Sparrow and then blow up her ship and tracter...
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    Defecting to the Kilrathi

    Something that has been bothering me ever since the Jazz days of WC2 has been the reality of defection to the cats. The whole thing just doesn't make sense to me. Could you really trust these huge clawed and fanged beasts when it came down to it? What would keep them from ripping you apart...
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    The Flash man

    I remember reading that Jace "Flash" Dillon died in 2669. He lived in my WC3 as I didn't select him on the last mission. Is there an official version of how Flash died? Was it during his stay at the Victory. I'd feel bad if the man lost his life on account of me, that's all... he was a...
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    Alternate Ending?

    I've been thinking a lot about WC3 lately. How it's pretty much a zero-sum game, either you vanquish the Kilrathi Empire or they conquer Earth and destroy ConFed. Playing the game on its own leaves you with no choice of which ending is preferable (that is if you are a Terran). In the...
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    Recommendations for WC Armada?

    I have played every WC game in the universe except Armada. I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile (for any reasons other than having played every last WC game out there) to go out and get it. How does Armada stand as a WC game against the series 1-6 (with SecOps)? Which of the WC games is...
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    WC's best fighter and bomber of all time

    Keeping in mind the greatness of each ship in its respective heyday. From WC1-WCP, which is the overall best Fighter and Bomber? My personal favorite fighter = dragon bomber = broadsword