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    Star Trek: Judgement Rites

    Since DOSBox worked well at running WC I and II, I've been trying to use it to play other "classic" games that I have fond memories of. Two of my all time favorites are Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, and Star Trek: Judgement Rites. I managed to get the CD-Rom version of 25th Anniversary up and...
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    Chris Roberts on Wikipedia

    I was browsing Wikipedia the other day, and I found this article on Chris Roberts. One part of the article, in particular, caught my attention: Does anyone know if this story is accurate? I suppose it could be... But the fact that no sources are cited for it makes me somewhat suspicious.
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    Classic Gaming via DosBox

    I’ve been playing through the older Wing Commander games on DosBox, and I’m amazed by how well they run on there. I’m actually at the point where I’m more interested in running older games on DosBox – games I haven’t played in years - than I am in going out in buying new ones. I’m in the...
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    Special Operations 2 Help needed with Canewdon 3-D

    I'm currently playing through SO2, but I keep running into a problem with mission 3-D in the Canewdon system. If I understand correctly, I'm supposed to be able to land on the Grimalkin once I make it to Nav 3. However, as soon as I arrive at Nav 3, my auto pilot resets itself to Nav 2. I...
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    James A. Van Allen, Discoverer of Earth-Circling Radiation Belts, Is Dead at 91

    Not really related to Wing Commander in any way, but still of interest to those who follow space exploration:
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    Buying WC3

    I'm looking into buying a copy of WC3. Somebody has the WC3 Gold Edition for Windows 95, like new with box and all documentation for $25.00. The also have the standard edition with all documentation. If I can get it to work properly, I'll probably be running WC3 on DosBox, as I currently...
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    Wing Commander novels

    I have rather fond memories of reading the WC novels. I think End Run and Freedom Flight were probably my favorites, with the game novelizations my least favorite (I preferred to play Wing Commander III and IV, not read about them). I realize there’s not much chance of any new Wing Commander...
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    WC3 and

    Although I've played all of the Wing Commander games, from WC1 through Prophecy, I've been missing my copies of WC 2: Deluxe Edition and WC 3 for several years now. I'm still not sure what happened to them, although I suspect they were either A) misplaced during a move, or B) "borrowed" without...
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    WC Secret Missions Help

    I'm a long time Wing Commander fan. Someone pointed me towards DosBox as a birthday present this year, and, as a result, I'm playing through the earlier Wing Commander games for the first time in years. I need some help with a problem I've encountered with Secret Missions 1, though. I...