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    WC:ArdorMUSH Update

    We're quite a bit along now. So much so, most of the staff agree that we can now accept players. Only catch is that the space combat code is not 100 percent complete yet. Regardless, the areas and everything else is pretty much done. So if you just want to hang out and RP or even just chat...
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    WC: Fiery Ardor MUSH

    There have been several Wing Commander MUSHes in the past. And they've done rather well for themselves till their server goes wonky or the storyline ends. For those that don't know, a MUSH is a text based multi-user RP environment. Accessible through telnet or preferably a better MU* client...
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    I have yet to find a source that can back up where and how many fleets there were in WC during the entire course of the Kilrathi/Terran war. Also deployment zones. Could someone help me out here? What I have is: 3rd Fleet in Sol (Earth defense) 6th Fleet in Epsilon (Eventually destroyed in...
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    Elite Carrier Wing

    So you're a wing commander and have your rookies and regulars sorted out fine. Now your elites get the pick of fighters/bombers. What do you make your elite squadron it out of? (wc1-wc3 tech only)
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    Looking for thematic assistance

    My pal and I are working to get up a wing commander MUSH (fully text based, real-time online simulated reality). Unlike others in the past, we're going to be only focused on the events of one carrier and it's crew. TCS Ardor, a ranger class light carrier. Space combat code is being kept to a...