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    how many games

    Okay, I know you will all probably hate me for this, thinking that I would not be a "real" WC fan, but how many WC games and relative titles, and what are they?
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    Prophecy demo

    Hey, I haven't gotten a chance to download the prophecy demo off their site yet,(yes i know it's been there forever, but hey)is it any good?
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    How come between wing commander games jumpoints change?(excepting of cours WC1, WC2, and WCSO.
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    Where's Casey?

    I want to know what happened to the guy who played Casey(Steven Patrarca, or something like that)in Secret Ops, a totally different guy did his voice, did Steve die or something between the two games or what?
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    what's up between the CAG and Blair in WCP?
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    Blair Carrier

    I wonder if they will make a carrier named after Blair in the next wing commander game(hope that's soon), do you think so, if they do, I hope you get to serve on it.
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    Direct X-older version

    I have been told that if you have video problems with Prophecy that if you get directX 5.0/6.0/6.1, that you can fix that, is this true?
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    Caseys callsign

    does anybody know Casey's "official" callsign. I know Blairs was Maverick, but what about the new guy?
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    Privateer 3

    I know for a fact that they are going to make a privateer 3, for I know a person who works at EA and she has stated that they are working on right now.
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    I am knew

    hey, I am knew here, could you please give me some info about yourselves this chat room?