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  1. Kenshi

    WC Comic: Halcyon's Callsign

    We're giving you, the public, a shot at coming up with a callsign for our main character, 2nd Lt. Thomas Halcyon. However, there are a few rules... 1. It must be an original name. No names from any other WC source; ie: Maverick, Maniac, Jazz, etc. 2. Any inappropriate or offensive...
  2. Kenshi

    WC Comic Update

    Here it is, folks. The first "official" art from the "unofficial" Wing Commander comic book. Here is a glimpse at some of the main characters... (each post will be a character bio...)
  3. Kenshi

    A Writer Is Chosen!

    Well, all of the submissions are in and we've decided on a writer! Before we let you know who the lucky joker is, I'd like to take this moment to tell everyone who submitted a proposal that ALL of them were fantastic. We had a hell of a time deciding who's idea was actually the best. It...
  4. Kenshi

    Writer Needed for Comic...

    I'm producing a Wing Commander comic book for the CIC web site. Our art team is in place and we hope to have the first issue out as soon as January! However, there is one problem... we don't have a writer. Anyone who is interested should send a proposal to There are a...
  5. Kenshi

    Fighter Models in SO

    This has probably been covered before but I've been unable to find the thread. What should the average poly or face count be for a fighter in Secret Ops?
  6. Kenshi

    Screen shots in WC 1 & 2

    Is there any way to make screen shots in Wing Commander 1 or 2? I'm working on a project and need to get some reference shots.