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    Real space studies

    Anyone else keeping an eye on current NASA projects? Particularly the recent probes that landed on Mars...Spirit and Opportunity. These probes are sending back considerable data regarding the question of water presence and possible life. But at the same time...there is also alot of "guessing"...
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    Birthday Salute

    Per CIC news article, I say "Happy Birthday LOAF!" Salute! RFB
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    Need a wireframe drawing or pdf file of the Centurion

    Hello fellow fans. I was impressed by the Lego ship shown on the news page, and it occured to me, I build RC model airplanes, why not an RC WC ship as well! Since I personally favor the classic Centurion fighter from Privateer/RF, I thought it would be neat to build one and actually make it fly...
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    WCP and SO mission editing help

    Ok I played with the mission editors for both SO and WCP, I can get them to work ok but what I cant figure out is how to get the ID of each ship correctly. They show up as the ship name rather than the pilot name or wing name. Ive tried changing the @ship4@ for example to @Maeistro@ and his...
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    Creating red book audio cd from WCP in flight music

    Ok there has been lots of talk about how to get the in flight music from WCP. One way is a tre file manager, and extract the music directly. But there are many with the same delima with the tre manager, either working it or even trying to find it. Heres the answer that should work for everyone...
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    All time favorites

    Out of all the ships in the WC universe, including Priv/RF and P2, which one would you rather be in if faced with a hord of enemies, be it Kilrathi or the Bugs. My choice would be the Centurion as #1 and the Dragon as #2. Simply cause both ships can regenerate their afterburner fuel supply. Who...
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    Flight physics in current and past space sim games

    A hot topic in all areas of space sims is the flight physics. We all experienced the WC universe flight physics, even suttle changes from one WC game to another, then along comes Freespace, JumpGate, Starlancer to name a few. All with different flight physics. My question is, which game out of...
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    WC4 stuff, then and recent WCP

    This is puzzling. Although WCP had a new carrier, the Midway, and several new fighters with improved weapons, one question did come to mind when I first played WCP. The Dragon fighters in WC4 had anti-matter/matter reactors providing power and re-generating afterburner reserves. They also were...
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    Privateer and RF

    Wow! Its amazing and a good feeling that I am not the only one who continues to play this game. I often find myself booting to dos to run thru both series, and still enjoying it to the fullest. Maybe this will be a good chance to ask a question. There was a floppy version of these games, and a...
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    Privateer 2

    Found the game runs real good on a P233MMX system. Dont like the mumbo jumbo of booting to dos, but hey, the gameplay is worth it. Oh, the Kraven lasers are indeed powerfull, but load up the Turret B guns and boy, specially if you load up 5 of them puppies on the Freij MKII!! Those massive...