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    What is this?

    I was scrolling through Ebay today and saw this auction for WC but I dont recognize the manual in the picture. Anybody know what it is? Nevermind, I just took a good look at it and figured out where the manual comes from
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    Space trash

    Is there any sort of space reclamation service to clear out all the debris after a battle (in a secured area)? Either to clear shipping lanes or to reuse scrap metal for repairs or such?
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    System count

    Does anyone know how many systems (roughly) both Confed and the Kilrathi held at the begining of the war? Also, what happened to the Kilrathi held systems after the WC3? Did Confed expand into those territories or leave them for the cats?
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    Video cards

    If I installed an AGP and PCI video card in the same machine, would there be any conflicts?
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    Quick mention...

    If anyone has a chance to catch an episode of the Invisible Man called "Mere Mortals" (on the sci fi channel), Vagabond is in it...
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    Casey and Hawk

    Here's a tangent from another thread... How to get to the scene in WCP where Wilson yells at you for attacking the Kilrathi? I've tried just about every variation of attacking the Kilrathi to no avail. After killing the Kilrathi at Nav 1, I can't land on the Midway. Anyone know the exact...
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    Did I blink?

    I just got done listening to all the files from Prophecy (whew!) and I ran across a dialog I've never heard, maybe somebody can clue me in... The file names are 05000018.xa to 23.xa, here's the transcription: Stiletto- Just stay cloaked until we figure out if they're friendly. Maestro-Umm...
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    I just finished watching Farscape:Chain Reaction on the sci fi channel and I was wondering if that show reminded anyone else of Privateer 2? Not so much the plot or the actors but the sets, cinematography, lighting, and so forth. Any takers?
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    WCP sounds help

    Ok, so by now I've been made well aware of the fact that I'm totally inept with computers, that being said, I need some help. I used HCl's WCP TRE manager to rip the sounds out of the speech.tre and all the files are .iff and .xa. Does anyone know where I can pick up (a shareware version of)...
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    WCP:SO advice

    I recently started playing WCPSO again, but I've hit a brick wall with the "Friends in Need" mission (after you come out of a jump you have to defend the Shy Meadows, Kyoto Rose, and the Cheryis Song). I can't remember how I beat it last time, but I've been trying to take out the Stingrays and...
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    the odd shield question

    I just finished playing WCP again and I was wondering about the difference between a fighter's shield shape (more or less an oval) and a cap ship's shield shape (seems to lie flat on the ship itself), why the difference? Just curious...
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    WCP/ Fog...

    I just bought a 32mb Radeon video card, but my I still cannot use the "fog" option in Prophecy. Can someone tell me how to go about getting that set up?
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    Hey all, I have an extra Claw Marks and the blueprints (all 4) from WC collecting dust, does any need 'em? First one to respond can have them...
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    The sky is falling...

    Nevermind, can't get this link to work [Edited by Soma on 03-22-2001 at 23:43]
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    WCP (Arrgh) TRE's

    I was wondering if anyone could be kind enough to walk me through (step by step) the process of extracting inflight comms from Prophecy, cuz I just can't seem to turn on my brain...
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    **warning** stupid question...

    what/where is this WCPSO "lost fiction" I always hear about?
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    Just kind of a quick poll, How many people have problems running any Win based versions of the Wc series (WCP, WCIV, P2, etc.) on Windows 2000? P.S. Thanx again to everyone who helped (Death to non-compatibility!)me on all my stupid little problems... [Edited by Soma on 03-08-2001 at 18:46]
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    Priv2 seems to be a common problem...

    Help!! I just got PRIV2DE for Win95 and I'm having problems running it. The install and intro go along just fine but when I actually start the game the sound stops (then every once and a while starts for a few seconds) when I'm standing around (it plays ok when I'm in a cutscene). The game...
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    interesting musical side note...

    hey all, for anyone who likes industrial/electro (I hate using genres) Velvet Acid Christ's new cd Twisted Thought Generator includes a few unreleased songs in MP3 format and the second song is full of WC1 samples (voice and FX), I want to say it's off of the SNES game since of course there were...
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    It's me AGAIN (deja vu) easy question

    Is there any way to save your game after the very last mission in WC & WC2 (so I can transfer)? Not that it matters much but I like getting credits for my kills and the TC medal of Honor looks so nice and big and shiny... ------------------ Do not go silently into the goodnight...