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    Kilrathi Saga re-release?

    Does any-one know of any plans to re-release the Kirathi Saga or perhaps a new collection of wing commander games,like all of them in a set with all the add-ons and optimized for win 95/98. Or at least adding 3D to them.... Alot of companies are doing that now I...
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    WC3 Sound with SB Live?

    I've got the dos version of WC3 and was wondering can you set it up to work with a live value card? Do you have to start the game with windows totally shut down? Cause I've got it running in win 98 dos mode but no sound. And what do you put where it asks for FX card then asks for IRQ , etc...
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    Lens Flare and D3D Files for WC Prophecy Gold

    Hi, I installed the Lens Flare file and there are lines criss-crossing thru the flares and a line above and to the side of every flare. Is this normal, cause it doesn't look right...(I have a viper 550)...What does the D3D files do? I was going to install the full D3D file, but it changes the...
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    Flare and D3D files for Prophecy Gold

    I,ve installed the file for lens flare for D3D users....I have a viper 550.....There is lines running through each flare and one across the top and one side; on all flares...Is this normal; cause it doesn't look right to me...also, what does the D3D full and medium files do...I was going to...