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    Ship stats

    First of the stats here for you Q. Scimitar MRF YPR 70/80/100 Rotational accel 100 Vel 400 def, 160 min, 520 max 560 accel AB 1100 1500 accel 300 sec fuel Gun power 320 Recharge 20 def, 2 min, 45 max 2 Dust Cannon Shields 180/150 recharge 21, 2.1, 32 Armor 255/240/185/185 Missile Load 3 IR, 3...
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    Where are the editing regulars?

    Ducky, Killerwave?
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    Poll on Kitty snubfighters

    The question is what fighter would you take out and fly. Factors to consider: handling, looks, firepower, defenses, and of course, raw engine power. Your choice?
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    Game Release Dates

    I'd like to know what dates the previous WC games were released. TY.
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    Question: In Your Opinion, what era...

    If you had been trained and in Confed/BW service and were alive during one of the WC eras, and you had a choice, which one would you want to start your carreer in? If you could, explain why. No wrong answers here so feel at liberty.
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    Fission or Leech Laser?

    Which would you rather have for a special gun and why?
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    Command Decision, kind of an opinion poll

    If you were commander of a squadron based on a destroyer and you had 2 ships of any type and you could only spare 2 to send on a strike against a nearby convoy of Kilrathi transports. You need to launch 2 fighters in two vectors each to intercept incoming fighters, 2 fighters to stay with the...
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    wc2, academy weapons

    Is it possible to import the academy weapons into WC2 or the SOs? ------------------ You know what? Here, bottle's on me. My own humble site, this link works A fan's way to preserve Wing Commander's future
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    Academy (PC) Guns

    What are the damage, energy, and range values for the plasma bolt, reaper cannon, and photon cannon? ------------------ You know what? Here, bottle's on me. My own humble site, this link works A fan's way to preserve Wing Commander's future
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    Old War Stories

    Here's a silly war story: There once was a pilot who could make every enemy ship he sees explode by snapping his fingers and saying "Poof". He was so embolden by his gift that he volunteered for the most dangerous missions. One day, he flew off his carrier with a relatively inexperienced...
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    SO Fiction: Where can I get it?

    I went to the SO website and was unable to locate the download. I never read the fiction, could someone help me out with this? Either that or maybe you could ship me the download? [This message has been edited by Death's Head (edited March 23, 2000).]
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    DH's web page is now started

    Hey guys my page is now open! I don't have a lot of time to work on it, but it will improve immensely with time. I put up a BB for added enjoyment, stop by sometime.
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    WCP Platinum Edition

    No there isn't any rumor going around about a new version on the way. I did some poking around and found that the designers of Prophecy might have made the game to support multiplayer play over the net. It seems when they released the game, they dropped several features. We didn't get a few...
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    SO fatal error

    I was getting a message that said Exploding Object DR)Cannot find explosion type <150> What is this all about? How would I prevent it from happening again?
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    Looking for .IFF Editor

    Adding a turret to the Vampire and Panther so I can have a little point defense system WCP could have had. If you post a link or email it to me I would appreciate it. ------------------ There's only one thing more accurate than incoming fire-friendly fire
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    More questions than answers on bug ships

    What color is the Manta WW? It has a Poseidon and I'm sick of hearing "report, leutenant-cerberus is under fire", and the infamous "get those bombers". Is there a new fighter ship in SO? Some Devil Rays seem more durable than others. The Devil Ray is an aceship, is there an ace of aces ship...
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    Questions of my own

    What is up with this Confed stealth fighter prototype in the 2669 GCM competitions? Is that the Excalibur? How do autoslides work? Anyone want to theorize how such a system could be feasable? Regarding the WC card game, is there a Strakha, Sorthak, or K'ha'haf card? ------------------ Don't...
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    Prophecy Gold Strategy Guide

    Has anyone heard of this guidebook out there? I want to know if someone has it if they could tell me what additions they made before I look into getting one. I used to have the original guide, but I donated it to someone who needed much help getting through the missions and was curious about...
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    so ships

    where did the so ship add ons go? ------------------ Don't look conspicuous-it draws fire.
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    Requesting Simulator Advice

    On level six I got 80 kills and 3 Corvettes then time expires and I apparently failed the mission. How much more is there to go? Any advice on how to get that far in the time given? And I DON'T mean modify the ship, I don't want to do that. While I'm at it, on level 4 I got 61 kills how did...