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    Good day for a firrball!!!...

    Alright who's play'n and what's your kill count!!.:D I'm up to 254 and rising. :cool: :D
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    Well, now what!.

    My last thread was locked out and short lived! Bahohaaa........ Yeah, I guess I can live with the fact that since the last game was made many years ago and the movie the same. And just about everything here has been talked about. I can see how you can get a little annoyed.... Ssooo...
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    Wing commander the movie.

    You have a very large military base located in an asteroid belt. Suddenly I am to believe. 1,000,000 Enemy fighters, 40 capital ships swarming in out of nowhere. Their plan is to take control of the base and steel the Navcom A.I. and than blow you to hell. O.K. tell me where and what...
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    Whatever happened to Radio Rollins?

    That know it all communications guy. Just curious! :)
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    Question about this forum

    Hi, Although I'm not a regular contributor to this forum I do visit frequently an read many threads and enjoy. One question I have is that when I choose a thread a (topic) it takes me directly to the last written post(which is OK) but it's kinda ask back words sequence when I should be taken...
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    no survivors

    OK gang, Wing commander prophecy. In this mission (no survivors). I cannot find any friendly's. What am I doing wrong? Wingnut
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    Our they making a new wing commander game? I'm totally hozzzzed
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    wing commander upgrade Q's

    1st time post here. looks like a great web site. been a fan of wing commander since wc3 was wondering if there was any upgrade versions of wc3+4 to run on Windows 98? thanks