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    WCP T'lan Meth 1 question

    does this one really matter if you lose? I played twice so far and the second time I actually watched the cutscene after you go to the computer and found out stilleto completed the mission so other than ego, does it matter that it is logged as a failure?
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    Why was the starship troopers 3 thread closed?

    just curious also, according to IMDB, Casper Van Dien was in WC4
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    Mission 8 questions

    I defeated all the fighters, scanned the new ship, and destroyed it. I autopilot back to the carrier and get a mission failed message. WTH?
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    I have 3 Steltek Drones following me

    L O L It's pretty funny. I got the steltek gun and went back to Rygannon. Haven't been to another mining base yet as I forgot that was the next step(and just read that's what I have to do), so I went to Perry, New Detroit and New Constanople. Every once and while I'll have 2 drones following...