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    Beta 8 criticisms

    Just played for like two hours. Here are some of my thoughts on improvements: -Automatic landing zones should be automatic, not require hitting the D key. -The 'Repair All' button sucks; too expensive, and you should be able to choose what components you repair. -Planets should regenerate...
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    Wing Commander II theme... remixerized!

    Hey, I remixed the WC2 theme with some higher quality instruments. I am planning on doing at least a few more from the WC2 soundtrack. What do you guys think of it?
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    Privateer 2 - Is it Wing Commander?

    I don't want to flame up the trivia topic. I personally really enjoyed the game. I don't hate a space shooter just because it's not Wing Commander. I mean, even if it's not a Wing Commander, it's definately a Privateer. I played the game through twice. I don't recall any mentions of...