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  1. Sordid

    WC IV DVD dxmci

    the dxmci patch worked perfectly for my Pentium IV 2 Ghz. Now I tried it on a 3,0 Ghz and I have the following problem: Everytime I make a decision, the new video starts with a few seconds delay. By that I miss the beginning of the new videos... I remember someone mentioned this problem...
  2. Sordid

    WC 2 Kilrathi Saga

    The game crashes randomly!!! When I activate Win95 compatibilty mode it runs well but sound stutters!
  3. Sordid

    WC 3 Making Of

    I bought the Premiere Edition 2 weeks ago. Sadly the video wasn't included (at least the behind the scenes disc was). Now I read that there is an AVI rip out there. Is that true?
  4. Sordid

    Wing Commander Prophecy High Res

    When i convert my game into 1024x768 the videos are played in a really small size (cause they're just 640x480). Is there a way to stretch the videos, so that I have the high resolution and still a fullscreen fmv?
  5. Sordid

    For all german secret ops fans!

    (sorry, no linking to episode downloads, please) I can't believe it: Finally a GERMAN Secret Ops again!
  6. Sordid

    3DO Super Wing Commander on PC

    Has anyone tried the latest version of I could get my hands on a copy of Super Wing Commander so I wanna know if it works.
  7. Sordid

    What do you think of this? Could this be the DVD version?
  8. Sordid

    Wing Commander IV DVD with DVDExpress

    DVDExpress worked with Zork: Grand Inquisitor DVD and Tex Murphy: Overseer DVD. So my question: Will it work with WC IV? (Then I'll stop bidding for dxr3 Card)