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    Just a question: the axius starbase from WC IV - was this installation destroyed or not? What did the novel say about this? Deacan
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    Pixs Origin Adventures anyone?

    Hey... did anyone seen this here before? There is a quite nice collection of all kinds of stuff from Origin, including Wing Commander 1 - 5... Deacan
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    T-Bolt in WCP SO

    Just wondering: did the T-Bolt in WCP SO have a rear turret? Is it that "long range laser thingie" as used by the Dev/Shrike or something different? And 2... Not about the HF-66, but the TB-80: the range of the plasma gun - 6000 klicks? Can someone please confirm this? My guide to the game...
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    a replay or what became of one night

    Wc3... a great game indeed. Last night I played it again and something catched my attention. The scenes on the fightdeck - It seems that the nose of the T-bolt (including the cockpit) had nearly the some size as the pilot... With snapshots and this blueprint from the user Flanker I calculate...
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    question on the Murphy class

    So, whats that round "hole" on front of that destroyer (that blue glowing thing)? A tube for anti capship missiles or some sort of plasma gun???
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    Can this little thing jump?

    Just wondering - in the ships database it says that the F-106 Piranha has a jumpdrive... Can anyone confirm this?
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    WCP - guns of the capships

    Just a question: are the entries on the ships database true? For the Midway they say: 25 laserturrets, each with a range of 8000 klicks (???) and a fire relay of 1 shot per second... So... the midway uses the same turrets as the shrike or devastator? And 2. The Herc LC: no guns? The...
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    Mod for X3

    I am not sure if anyone seen this here before, but... Yeah, this is eyecandy... Anyone knows about this project?
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    my F-106A

    ...yes, This is my paperbuilt of that craft. It's to bad that it did not survive the last home change... But neverless, I will give it another try. Btw - dear Pericles : please, please, please - make the next papercrafts from WCP... a Devastator and Shrike... Thats what I am looking for.
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    Funny things or: life is strage!

    Funny things or: life is strange! I am an outspoken atheist and I really like a program on the net called "the atheist experience". Its on the air nearly every sunday... Well, one of the cohosts of that show is a man named Jeff Dee, who's rants are quite funny. I did know about this man...
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    WOW! Banshee 1/72

    Hi There, Deacan here! There is another extrem cool modelbuilder out there: Thx!
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    Scale... what if...

    I toyed around with some stuff - some 3d models from WCP. Its quite a sad thing that the game never really figured out the "true" scale between the fighters, bombers and capships... It would be a great scene if we ever could fly side by side in a small vessel and see just how huge some ships...
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    ...well, thats quite some nice cats...

    While going around on the net I found this: Stan Winstons work... On these site, just go to "Figures", then choose "Realm of the Claw"... Well, these are no Kilrathi at all, but - they simply look very close to our favorite warriors... don't you think? Deacan
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    Story: "Das Erwachen II - Stille"

    part 1 * Es war eine wunderschöne und sternenklare Nacht – fast so, wie man sie aus unzähligen Werbeanzeigen her kannte. Die Luft war angenehm warm und es roch nach den süßen und wahrscheinlich zum Großteil auch schon überreifen Früchten einiger Obstbäume, die irgendjemand vor unzähligen...
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    RIP, Mr. Winston

    A few day ago (15.06.) Stan Winston died in LA... His works included the SFX of films like Aliens, Predator, Terminator and his last big shot was Iron Man... Farewell, Mr. Winston. Your work can not be forgotten! Deacan
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    Poll: Book I of the "Erwachen"-series as .pdf for free download?

    Hi! Yes, I am serious. We have some bigger problems with a new release of the first book from the Erwachen (Sturm), and I still looking for a safe place to "store" that story. I talked to BanditLOAF (or Chris Rheid? Im dont remember quite now correctly)) earlier about this... So, what do you...
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    Excalibur Joins the Lego Fleet (May 18, 2008)

    Yepp, this is just freaking cool - easy to the eye Deacan
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    RIP Arthur C. Clarke

    Sad but true: Arthur C. Carke is dead, he pass away yesterday in the age of 90... Most people know him from his "Space Odyssey" novels and short stories... Good bye, Mister Clarke. Your inspiration and your work will not be forgotten... Deacan
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    sneak: Trauma (book III of the "Awakening"-series)

    While a lot of people still wait for novel II "Silence - Stille", I present to you a short view behind the work of novel III... Yes, the major script is ready, several changes are done... Some hints: - since novel I and II 8 years have cross the time - Deacan and Venice have a...
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    P II - new project

    2007 was a very bad year for me - well, it started quite good with book I of the "Erwachen" - series, but then things get worse... The team broke up, I was even forced to kick a member out, my net base went down and a recreation of this material is far from be done. The cardgame? History. A...