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    Did Thrakhath have a cloaking device on his escape pod?

    I was always wondering why the confederation didn't detect the pod of Thrakhath at the end of Wing Commander 2. Was that because of a cloaking device? Also we see the flagship of Thrakhath pick him up in SO1. So it must have jumped in (or already been near) to his ejection position. Didn't...
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    WC universe map at different periods

    I was wondering if there were more maps that show the Confed and Kilrathi occupied systems at different periods during the entire WC era. I have the map that that came with WC3 I think, which is also on the net but I couldn't find any more.
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    Jazz's death cutscene

    I tried finding the WC2:SO2 cutscene where Jazz dies but I can't find it. I never played SO2, only SO1 so I have never gotten the satisfaction of seeing Jazz burn for his traitorous deeds. No more "Meastro!" talk from him, man did that annoy the hell out of me. Since there are so many Jazz...
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    The Mandarins have bothered me for a while. I mean why would you help the Kilrathi against the Confederation? They would have been treated as slaves or even executed if the Kilrathi would have conquered the humans, wouldn't they? Don't get me wrong, I really liked the WC2 Jazz plot...
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    End Run online?

    I've tried searching for the online version of the End Run novel but came up with nothing. Anybody know where I can find it?
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    Crash WCU

    WCU crashed when jumping to the New Constantinople system with the following parts of stderr.txt: ----------- Stderr.txt -------- militia_eject.png, not found Assertion failed unit_generic.cpp:711 Unit sun not found Warning: Cannot locate sun Assertion failed unit_generic.cpp:711 Unit...
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    Problem with firerates and gameplay speed

    Hey, While doing the 3rd mission of Lynch I get ambushed by a number of Demons when entering Rikel. When flying the mission I noticed a great increase in gameplay speed. I can fire torps as fast as I can fire my guns and the Demons fly extremely fast. In fact its like there's some kind of...
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    Blair's role in the Battle for Earth?

    I tried searching about Blair's role in the Battle of Earth but I can't find anything but the fact that he's shot down. The novel "Fleet action" doesn't say anything about it. Surely he would have played a pivotal role in this battle?
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    Hey, Greetings to everyone here. I stumbled upon this place after I saw a link about the Privateer Remake and I was happy to see there's still a Wing Commander community. I was always a big fan of the original WC Privateer and I played for quite some time eventhough I never finished it...