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    Working link for Prophecy Hi-res patch?

    OK ive recently got Windows 7 and am very impressed at how most WC stuff seems to overall just work - I have Prophecy running fine in software mode - but Direct3D makes it all trailly (like a hall of mirrors type effect) - so em I suppose this thread is a double question - is there a glide...
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    Conquest Of Origin article in 'the Escapist'

    an interesting article about Origin and EA:
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    cant get turrets to do anything in gemini gold?

    hi - in gemini gold, no matter what combination of ctrl+f1, alt+t, ctrl+t, alt+w and f5 i use, i cant get my turret to automatically attack an enemy target, no matter how close i fly to it. ive just bought a galaxy and i was relying on turrets to save my ass :s
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    actual address of IRC chat?

    wots the actual address of the chatroom #wingnut? as i cant get in atm - the applet is wonky or something, i prefer using mIRC anyway tbh...
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    WC fans are Republicans?

    I jus noticed when looking through the Wing Commander books on Amazon that this was a book that people who bought WIng Commander books also liked: are WC fans in the US...
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    stuttering performance

    Hi, first of all Id like to say that Standoof looks and feels great :) however, there is one problem i cant seem to resolve which is stopping me from playing it for any great length of time - in the actual 3d engine, i have periodic stuttering (like every half a second or so) - im running the...
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    docking with paradigm?

    hi, I finally started doing the missions properly on the remake, and I have to say im loving it, cant stop playing it :) however, on one mission i was told to visit a Paradigm, and I flew up beside it, to within 100 clicks, asked for clearance a lot of times, pressed d - but nothing...
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    difficulty setting WC1

    is there only one difficulty setting in WC1?
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    ok i know this sounds really thick, but i have tbh - althou i bought the privateer/sc dual cd back in the day - i never really played Privateer properly, and now im playin the remake (1.2), and i think it is most enjoyable, ther combination of modern 3d and nostalgic menus etc is perfect for me...
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    very slow video in WC4 (with win95 patch)

    hi all :) ive been trying to reinstall all my WC games and get them working in XP, ive got all of em working except Wing Commander IV, which has really slow video for me unfortunately :s - ive turned off direct sound hardware acceleration but it hasnt made a difference. is there anything more...