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    A few questions about Priv Gemini Gold

    if you are on the screen with the maps and pics of radar modules, then click on the radar modules, it takes you to the upgrade screen. why not have the radar upgrades on the screen with the maps and radar upgrades? Sorry wasn't very specific was I? :)
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    So, what are the differences with ships?

    Here's a few I think.... donnu about more... I hear you can fly some Kilrathi fighters too. Broadsword Demon Drayman Gladius Stiletto Talon
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    Ship Selection

    hmmm... Privateer remake, or Gemeni Gold. It's a bit confusing I understand, but these are two different games. I don't think you can purchase these on Gemeni Gold, however you can on Privateer Remake. refer to post...... Privateer Remake and Gemeni Gold As to where in Privateer...
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    hehee.. yeah... I was in a sector with no bases, (forget the name now,) and the jump drive got damaged. No Fuel and nowhere to fill.... Droid eventually repaired it but I was stranded : ) there should be at least one station in every sector.
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    A few questions about Priv Gemini Gold

    Actually I think the real question is "Why aren't the radar upgrades with the Quadrant maps?" eh? :P
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    Ships in my Fleet????

    When I look at my savegame it says that I have my original tarsus in my fleet at troy. Is there a way to switch between ships? I remember that with the original the ships were just traded in. If I could switch ships for different types of missions that would be way cool. BTW this is on gemini...
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    q: priv gold gemini

    I had the same problem. The Tarsus just isn't fast enough. a Centurion and a couple proton torpedos and I can just barely save the ship. Although my sucess rate is 2 out of 5 so far. Either we need to show up closer or the merchant needs better sheilds :)
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    Can't restart?

    hmm... Well since I posted, it seems to work sometimes now. at least mostly. although still dosen't seem to. I think it may just be taking forever to load.
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    Can't restart?

    in Gemeni Gold when i die it says press q to quit or press shift-r to restart. the restart worked a couple of times, but dosen't anymore. andyone else encountered this?
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    can't start game

    DL'ed Privateer remake and tried to play it.... it loads up to thruster018.? and locks up. I can't task switch or shut down anything. have to use reset button on computer. could this be a graphic setting with my card? or something else?
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    White Space????

    okay, so basically I overwrite my existing game with the gold : ) got it... are the saves compatible with the remake? sounds like I might like it.
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    White Space????

    I downloaded and started playing Privateer Gemeni Gold Beta I downloaded the game and installed it... then later found a link in this forum to an update. version 1.2 link is..... I hadn't jumped before the update but alas... today I found I...