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    Left 4 Dead?

    Any WingNuts playing Left 4 Dead? I picked it up on the 360 and could not have predicted how addictively fun the game is. I've never had a cooperative play experience like it before. Hit me up if you've got it. We could get some games going.
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    Origin's time in New Hampshire

    in 1992, as a kid of ten, I didn't think much of it when older brother, who's double my age, pointed out a specific building on our way to the mall. It was, he said, where Origin used to be. At that time, I was obsessed with Wing Commander and Ultima VII, but I think the fact that we were going...
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    Bossman's callsign should have changed...

    ... To Zombie, since he died and came back to life, only to die again (I guess the cats got his head the second time around.) But seriously, I started this thread as a less rigid - and more appropriate - place to argue the finer points of including the Movie continuity with that of the games...
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    Wing Commander Arena Dogfight Night

    Hey guys; please participate in the poll. It'll help me to gauge when the majority of people are the most available for a weekly Wing Commander Arena game night. I'll be keeping a killboard for every game I happen to attend - a chore that a volunteer could pick up in the event I cannot make...
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    Do more than 3 people play this game?

    ... Or is there something up with my Live? Games seem few and far between. I played a total of 3 games in Arena so far, out of dozens of 'quick play' and 'custom game' search attempts. It just seems like nobody's playing. Is there a time where you WingNuts meet up? And if not, should we make...
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    Wing Commander's music

    It might just be me, but it seems like a lot of remakes / remixes of the Wing Commander music seem to be centered around the WC3 / WC4 scores. Am I alone in my preference for the original WC1 / WC2 tracks? Compositionally, I felt they were stronger, and only afflicted by their dated...