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    Agincourt II class

    I've been bashed about this for assuming that the Cruiser in WC3 and 4 are the Tallahassee class but are instead the Agincourt II class. Is there any direct evidence to this? I've like to roll it across a rather intransigent person who still firmly believes otherwise.
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    How long would it take for a Tallahasse to destroy a Ranger?

    Let's say a Ranger class was heading towards a jump point, and a hostile (don't ask.) Tallahassee jumped in, and started blasting at the Ranger. Would it go down in a few salvoes? Or would it take alot more than that? And while we're on the topic, let's say that a Vesuvius class (it was...
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    Anyone got Volrath's jump gate textures?

    I'm going back into 3d animation based on Wing Commander, and his site has the jump gate animation but is missing textures apparantly. anyone got em?
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    Why are jump points never heavily defended?

    I've been reading David Weber's Starfire-verse, and I was wondering. Wing Commander Jump points are rather small areas of space, no? So why not fort up the whole place, shove mines, turrets, stations everything around them?
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    the REAL Wing Commander:Movie script enjoy :)
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    Freelancer cockpit?

    I heard somewhere that you can activate a solid cockpit for Freelancer, is this true?
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    Your own ideas for weapons/equipment for WC?

    what are your ideas? NO: Super Polymers George Washington Black Screens Black fuel
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    My first encounter with the Concordia's AMG

    it was in that SO mission where the Concordia takes on the 2 Frathras on its own. I saw the Frathras shoot an AMG at the Concordia, and damages it. The Connie fires back 5 AMGs at the Frathras, one hit. No damage. The Frathras shoot back, some sections of the Concordia turn red. The...
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    Wing Commander Wing Commander 3.141592654 (As of yet unnamed)

    My half baked attempt at this. I can't think of a good way to do the Kilrah part though. This is the Proluge: I'm thinking of making it in script or play form, at least until the game starts. Wing Commander 3.141592654 (As of yet unnamed) Imperial Throne Room, Kilrah Emperor: The enemy...
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    Has anyone ever finished anything else like Wing Commander 4.123106?

    If not, I'd like to take a crack at Wing Commander 3
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    Does anyone know of how to unpack .tre files?

    cause I want to extract a coupla of the movies, sounds and stuff.
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    When was it when ConFleet's size was greatest, and when it was most powerful?

    they don't have to be at the same time. I need this cause I want to post a ST vs WC debate in Spacebattles
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    What would flying a capship be like?

    in WC3/4/P/SO of course
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    Anyone ever wish for a true WC RTS game?

    Impossible, but I'd like to see it. Although the chances of it coming out are near 0....
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    Can I post Vs. Debates here?

    well... not all of the greatest minds of WC are in Spacebattles... so....
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    Anyone know where to find the sound effects for the weapons fire in WC?

    yeah. That would be nice. I need it for an animation I'm doing.
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    Best and Worst WC ripoffs

    Best: Freespace series Worst: I don't know, freespace is the only other space flight sim I've played.
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    Emergency! Need screens of Murphy turret locations!

    Get back fast please! i just need the locations!
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    I'm off to China

    I'm at Changi International Airport's Internet Center right now, flight leaves in 1 hour. Just want to bid a good farewell to you guys. well, farewell! P.S I'll be gone for a week.
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    How did the Sivar whack that colony again?

    I cant remember you see.