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    Reading comprehension help

    In The Price of Freedom on page 312 Wilford says to Blair: "'Those are direct orders. Do you understand?' 'Yes, sir,' Blair replied. 'Sorry, Colonel, that wasn't the answer I was looking for.' 'Aye, aye, sir.' 'Thank you, Colonel, and good hunting.'" What is the difference between...
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    Flight Sim Help

    Hey all! I'm looking for a good WWII flight sim to play and I was hoping you could give me some recomendations. My main focus is on realism, with good graphics a plus. Any theater will do.
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    I never thought I'd be able to say this but.... computer is too fast to run WC1! Anybody know how I can slow down a 5x86 processor(or even a PIII 450, if possible) enough to run it?
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    You just can't win!

    Has anyone ever played WC4 and chosen not to defect to the Border Worlds after Eisen offers for the second time? It seems impossible to beat that mission, and there is no cutscene afterwards to indicate that the game is over. Did I miss something?
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    I desperately need info on where I can find lots of wc stuff. Games, books, anything! Anybody know any sites/stores I can get some?