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    Ships in my Fleet????

    When I look at my savegame it says that I have my original tarsus in my fleet at troy. Is there a way to switch between ships? I remember that with the original the ships were just traded in. If I could switch ships for different types of missions that would be way cool. BTW this is on gemini...
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    Can't restart?

    in Gemeni Gold when i die it says press q to quit or press shift-r to restart. the restart worked a couple of times, but dosen't anymore. andyone else encountered this?
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    can't start game

    DL'ed Privateer remake and tried to play it.... it loads up to thruster018.? and locks up. I can't task switch or shut down anything. have to use reset button on computer. could this be a graphic setting with my card? or something else?
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    White Space????

    I downloaded and started playing Privateer Gemeni Gold Beta I downloaded the game and installed it... then later found a link in this forum to an update. version 1.2 link is..... I hadn't jumped before the update but alas... today I found I...