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  1. Wolfman

    Wing Commander miniatures game

    I had wanted to adapt the X-wing system to Wing Commander and then try to do a crowdfunding thing to raise capital to be able to publish myself, but really I wanted to try and get a license from the owners of WC to make a miniatures game and get a license from FFG for the Flight Path System. It...
  2. Wolfman

    Wing Commander miniatures game

    Hi mate, I looking at the files tonight, and so far it looks great. I think the trick is the weapon damage values vs Shield and Hull strength without having too much damage tracking going on, but nothing that can't be worked on. To my mind I'm thinking of having guns in pairs not rolling for...
  3. Wolfman

    Wing Commander miniatures game

    Ships, Weapon charts, turn template, basically everything lol. And do you have a formula for hull and shield values? Curious as I would like to have a crack at the WC1 ships.
  4. Wolfman

    Wing Commander miniatures game

    Adm_maverick, I like what I am seeing here. Would be able to upload templates you are using and any updated printouts to make different fighters (from what I saw in the photos above)? I'll have a look to print out some now that my move is done and have a go at the game as you have it...
  5. Wolfman

    Wing Commander miniatures game

    Awesome, thank for that confirmed what I was thinking. I will hopefully get time next week to try building the ships. Game wise I do have a xwing miniatures variant I was playing around with, and I but to get it the way I was wanting I'll have to look at xwing 2.0 which has introduced energy...
  6. Wolfman

    Wing Commander miniatures game

    They look good mate! Glad you are still plugging away at this. When building your ships what thickness cardboard did you use? And from just looking at the page you made I'm not 100% sure the way to assemble them, I have a guess but a little description would help. From where this up to you...
  7. Wolfman

    Wing Commander miniatures game

    Ok. So Basically I m using the same stats as per X-Wing for the fighters, they all have a set Primary Value (ie 2 for an Arrow or Darket) but hen have the same style of upgrade options as per the X-Wing game (cannons, missiles, mods, Elite Pilot Talents etc) except for Droids (thinking they...
  8. Wolfman

    Wing Commander miniatures game

    Well this brought my memories of trying to make an X-Wing mod for WC, if you look around for Strange Eons you can get plugin that allows making custom x-wing cards, and I would be happy to share what I have started for WC3 ships for the mod, this includes missiles and gun cards for the cool ones...
  9. Wolfman

    Wing Commander RPG

    Love your work Capi! I've still to properly sit down and really read the RPG, I do plan to! Promise!
  10. Wolfman

    star wars rogue one teaser trailer

    Well Kyle's rebel handler was Jan Ors, this character is named Jan in the trailer I saw, and she meets Mon Mothma, like the original Jan knew Mon Mothma. This gives cool tie in to the Legends series of Kyle and Jan, if thats all that translates over, well thats fine I can live with it. It'll...
  11. Wolfman

    3D Printed Starfighters

    Rockin!! That sounds like what I'll be looking for, looking forward to seeing how you go. And hopefully a full complement of WC3 ships? (Fingers crossed) Cheers mate.
  12. Wolfman

    3D Printed Starfighters

    Hi Klavs Any chance of smaller scale WC3 models? Thinking about being scaled for tabletop gaming so only a few centimeters long or so at most, I'm planning on making a set for the X-Wing game using the stats from the WC CCG cards. Or if anyone knows of a full range of such scaled WC3 models...
  13. Wolfman

    Aliens Colonial Marines (Still a good game)

    Only played this a little but i have had a good time in the first 2 scenes of the game. Looking forward to finding out more as the game goes on.
  14. Wolfman

    What if WC was talked about on The Big Bang Theory tv show?

    Or some way to debase WC wormholes as incorrect and Star Treks as being correct and hyperspace travel more likely again! That'd be one hell of an episode actually just to hear the rationalization of how it would all be!
  15. Wolfman

    I'm a new spacewoman on these forums.

    Well at any rate, welcome to the awesomeness that is Wing Commander! Its a brilliant franchise and if you dont have them try the Wing Commander 1 & 2 from as they also include the secret and special missions you can try out also. Enjoy being here and look around at the extra material...
  16. Wolfman

    Beneath A Steel Sky

    Ahh the memories. Great little game, and waiting for me to install it again.
  17. Wolfman

    Wing Commander Theme Digitally Reorchestrated (October 28, 2012)

    Had a listen to it, and it is sweet! All I'd like now is to find it as a ring tone for my phone! Top stuff!
  18. Wolfman

    Empire vs Confederation

    After playing WC4 I was left feeling that Confed was well on the way to becoming Empire like, maybe just the way they wrote Tolwyn for the game helps with that feeling I had by the end of the game. During the series it feels empireish but as in game we get little info into Confed and its a war...
  19. Wolfman

    New Here

    Welcome Bloodwolf. Yeah Star Citizen is looking brilliant so far, keen just to play a one ship demo right now! lol Looks like Chris is making the successor to both WC and Star/Freelancer games, very exciting stuff. And Bloodwolf, whats some of your favourite stuff from WC?
  20. Wolfman

    WC Arena Play Dates

    Hi mate. Would love to play but I'm in Australia so getting timings right for games has been an issue, but I'd love to play a bit too!