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    no sound for wc3-4

    ok i got a prob basicly asa the topic says i cant get sound in either wc4 or wc3 anymore i can play it without sound but as soon as i turn it on it wont play and the game freezes im on windows ME so anyhelp would be appriciated
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    kilrathi fleet post war.

    why did the kilrathi have to disband there fleet, it seems to me that tyehy could of kept it and used it to help the confederation fight the nephilium would like your thoughts as to why confed would want them to disband it? especially after the fact that it was said that a kilrathi without a...
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    Political correctness.

    Ive been thinking, about this subject, and its a subject that tends to piss me off a great deal, political correctness is really nothing more then not wanting to offend others with your individual veiws and oppinions. Now i was shocked when i read the charted of my old public school, it...
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    Terminator 3 Thoughts, Oppinions, Comments

    I just saw the movie tonight with my mates and i loved it, in some parts it was supperior to the original 2 and yet it wasnt as good as either. i did like the idea of the female terminator being a mix of arni and the t1000 it was awsome. still any1 who has seen it and would like to discuss...
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    Do You Think Origin Will Bring Out Another Wing Commander?

    thats basicly the question, i really just want ppls oppinions, do u think the nephelium will be like the kilrathi as where it will take 3 games to defeat them? if so give me your ideas on how the game would procede
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    Flight sim ability

    im wondering, do u ppl play any other games, flight sim game i mean, that u shgarpen your skills with? and if so what do u think of the wingco handeling compared to other flight sims, barring properchy which was a greta improvment, i find that they dont turn as quick, and the stick is a...