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    Cobra was a spy...

    So, after re-reading the WC3 Novel, I got to thinking that Cobra actually was a Kilrathi spy. Now, I believe she is supposed to be a red herring in the novel to keep the reader from zeroing in on Hobbes immediately, but the fact that she mentions a familiar feeling when Thrakhath triggers...
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    Action Stations Concordia...

    Out of curiosity, do we have any idea if this Concordia is the namesake of the Concordia-class carrier, or is it simply not established? I have always pictured it as looking like the Lexington.
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    What mode did you fly in?

    I don't know if this has been discussed before, but in WC's 3 and 4 (and possibly prophecy, I don't remember) You had the option of changing the way you ship handled in the options menu. 1) You could make it so that when you turned left, the ship also rolled a bit (I think this was the...
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    Mustang Missions 2 complete!

    Hi all, just a quick update. The second custom mission is complete, and has been sent to the saga team. Hopefully, it will be posted with their next site update! There is a downloadable description, however I am also going to post it here. Transport Raid - The Mustang Missions part...
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    Can't seem to connect for the last few days...
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    For those who liked the Capture Destroyer Mission

    I haven't gotten a ton of feedback on the mission, so anyone who wants to comment on it can do so here! Secondly, I am working on another one, which is 75% near completion! So, you might be able to get another fix here shortly :) If feedback is good, then I will continue, and create a...
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    Hey guys, just want to spread the news that I have graduated from Webster University! It's been a looong time :) Any other college grads this semester? Hoping to be able to put a little more time to the WC Universe.
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    Question about Multiplayer...

    Hey guys, I had a quick question about the multiplayer... Will it be possible to have coop multiplayer missions, or is this a deathmatch only game? I would assume the latter, but I haven't played freespace 2 except for Saga, so I figured I would ask.
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    Autopilot implementation question

    Hey guys, I have been trying to put the autopilot feature in my custom mission. My question is, do you have to setup nav proxies for each way point, then animate them? or can you re-use the same proxies every time? It seems like when I am trying to reuse them, the flyby scene looks okay at...
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    Wing Commander Micro Machines

    Okay, not really :) But, these are maybe kinda close More pics to come!
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    Custom Mission completed!

    Well, I have completed my first custom mission! It's probably not quite up to par with what you guys have created so far, but it is one hundred percent playable, from start to finish... You guys mentioned hosting these missions, how do I go about sending this one to you?
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    Adding comm messages without voiceovers?

    Hi guys, I had another quick question. I would like to have some communication dialogue to help make a custom mission more engaging. Is there a specific command that you can use to accomplish this? Something like a sub-title would be perfect.
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    FRED scripting problem

    Hi guys, I've been messing around with FRED, but I have a question. Are you guys going to make the ships dockable in the final release? I'm currently building a mission which involves capturing an enemy destroyer, but the capture looks wierd because the boarding party can't actually contact...
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    Tom Wilson Youtube fun

    Hope this isn't a repost, but.... I got a kick out of this.