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    privateer remake 1.1 patch beta

    How to Apply for Privateer Remake 1.1 Beta We are entering the beta testing period for the 1.1 privateer remake beta. We need volunteers who are interested in giving us detailed feedback about what is better, worse, and broken since the 1.0 release. We have divided the beta into two...
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    Hadrian's intro animation

    Hadrian just sent me an intro he is working on for Privateer. He has up through where the pirates launch their missiles. Although the framerate is halved for now and he says the visual look is not yet complete, what he has so far is stunning. Have a look at it here.
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    It's done

    That last 10 minutes was hectic. Now it's all about waiting for the build :)
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    Evolution is just a theory! "Knowledge belongs to the galaxy you fascist"
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    Cargo Pricing done

    for our 100th thread, some celebration. Cargo pricing is finally finished. After quite a bit of work and a couple one off programs, the final result took pricing as provided by Simon Smith, quantities as measured by Wendy and the current upgrade prices and mixed them all together into...
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    Post 009b patches

    read on for patches to give you more options with turrets, and fix AI not being able to shoot Currently we have no way to buy and sell guns on a turret. Until that is fixed we needed a workaround, so I just added a bunch of new turrets: one for each type of gun. The prices are equal to...
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    Strange ship sighted

    Reports have come in from explorers on the frontier of an unusual alien ship, of a type not previously known. No one has yet managed to take a high resolution picture of it; these far off shots are all the concrete information we have.
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    Bug Reports.

    Things that are the most helpful for us to hear about are things that are broken, and opinions about balance issues. We don't really need to be told about every feature of the original that is missing (sprites! ;) ). We made the mod, and are aware of exactly what's in it and what isn't...
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    post flood

    post flood/forum design So, new posts in this forum no longer cause the thread to show up at the top of the active threads list on :D I suppose someone didn't like us having too many posts.. Add to that the sudden flood of news about other fanprojects, and someone really paranoid...
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    vegastrike maps

    quickie update Vegastrike Privateer's energy systems have been balanced out awnd it all feels right. It's a bit hard to take a screenshot of that though, so here is a shot of the in-game map. Hopefully it looks familar.. Might get a shot of the sector map up later Due to strange font...
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    vweps in vegastrike

    Small update, eye candy excuse. Vegastrike, as you may know, can use vweps. ie the guns on your ship look like the should. If you have lasers, you will see lasers in the external view. If you have plasma, you'll see plasma. Same with the other ships. Scheherezade has come up with some...
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    Privateer commodities patch

    One thing I disliked about Privateer was that it's just about impossible to make a living trading, or pirating. Buying grain on an ag world and selling it elsewhere doesn't make much. Shooting other ships doesn't get you enough debris. Just yesterday though, I saw a patch that tweaked the...