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    What's going on here?

    Check out the picture in this article. (2nd pic - captioned : "A wretched hive of scum and villiany.") See the names? Yeah... -scheherazade
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    'what if' (dilema)

    suppose you wanna have real-scales (or something close to it) for planets and systems in a WC mod. of course if you REALLY travelled 1000+ kilometres per second its not that bad, since you'll get wherever in a decent amount of time. but at those speeds you can't fight because other ships...
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    Loaf, map stuff

    I wrote an XML generator that can read your maps ( and understand the relationships between places. a sample run xml can be found here the results are in vegastrike format. I intend to use it for wc:universe so that you can go...
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    maybe UE2 should be in VS. just cause its open source and will support multi very soon. would be fun to coop through missions. just as a demo of capability (this is not vega strike, though it is the vega strike engine in action), it can do some wicked looking stuff. take a look at pics of...
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    WC Homeworld Mod

    Hey, could anyone take a screenshot of the arrow cockpit in game? wc3. i wanna make the homeworld mod's webpage into an interactive cockpit and i need the graphic. i need windows to take a screenshot, and wc3 won't go in windows. if anyone has Kilrathi Saga or manages to pull enough EMS...