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  1. Winnyfred

    Been a While...

    Been a long time since I’ve been around these parts, but part of me can never let go of the time I had here with this game. It was my introduction to programming and what I could do with a little bit of effort. Of course, when I joined I was probably not ready for what I was trying to do. My...
  2. Winnyfred

    Ship Targets

    Does the function Mission_setScriptControl(boolean scriptcontrol) need to be activated to change enemy AI's starting target from you to your wingman?
  3. Winnyfred

    E3 coming real soon

    Thought I'd bring this up, E3 will be arriving this week or next (I can't remember which.) Which means, if EA has any intent on releasing a new Wing Commander Game, this is the place they would say so. I am also hoping that Nintendo will release a new Star Fox game. My inner child demands a...
  4. Winnyfred

    Where can I get a few ships from Standoff?

    I was playing standoff and I realized, I would love to have a Stilleto, Arrow, Talon, and all those ships where can I get them?
  5. Winnyfred

    Script question

    Ok, I found a Mission_setFriendlyEjectPickup, is this used to make certain nav points friendly eject pickups, or the entire mission friendly eject pickup. :confused:
  6. Winnyfred

    Video problem

    I got a brand new monitor that is using high definition, and lovin it, but when I go to start WC:Saga, it says something about OpenGL and pixles. So I went and configured my video. There is a thing called direct 3D8 and when I use it all the colors look diffrent, and the screen is split in the...
  7. Winnyfred

    ejection (laugh all you want)

    Does the Freespace code allow for ejections??? I'm only on the second mission and I'm having trouble beating it, and ejecting wouldn't be a bad way to get by it. :p
  8. Winnyfred

    3D animation software

    Are there any good and decently priced 3D animation software? I looked at 3DS max 5 and its over 3k! Anything cheaper???
  9. Winnyfred

    Nav Points

    Could you use the Navpoint_setName script to make you change which nav point you go to?
  10. Winnyfred

    Mission issues

    Hey can anyone tell me how to fix this problem I'm having? It's a script that is supposed to kill a pilot 10 sec into the nav, but in the mission it failed to initialize. When I took out the enemy ships at the nav, after I take off, the game crashes to desktop. Anyone tell me what is wrong...
  11. Winnyfred

    Room Making

    I read your ever so detailed editing section about "Gameflow editing". I saw two things that interested me: 1.) Ability to make rooms 2.) Ability to play movies in the room Question 1, is it possible to make a room (such as the rec room) go from a quiet place, to a filled room with people...
  12. Winnyfred

    Something to think about

    We all know WC has been a SP (Singleplayer) game every since the day it was released-excluding armada- and we have all enjoyed it. What would happen if we put us WC pilots, and Admirals (for those who dominated armada) put them together in a WC Multiplayer game? The admirals plan missions and us...
  13. Winnyfred

    Dosbox for downloaded WC1.

    I know that some of you have some advanced computers that refuse to play WC1 on CD and your computer does not have a floppy drive. You can download the game (not giving websites names) and run it with Dosbox. First, you download the game, it should come in a zipped folder. Click on it and in...
  14. Winnyfred

    Favorite mission?

    From your opinion, what is your favorite misison form Standoff? Mine is "Mastif Patrol". For one reason, you can eject on it (YAY) and it is a challenge to complete on nightmare.
  15. Winnyfred

    Idea for Standoff

    Well, I've noticed every pilot on your carrier ejects, is it because in Secret Ops that makes everyone on your wing do that? Or can you make someone die, just wondering about that. I would like the challenge of keeping wingmen alive.
  16. Winnyfred

    Wing Commander: Affliction legal questions

    I can try to send some, my gameflow is very different. It came from a game from Blizzard infact. The game was Starcraft; it suited the gameflow, so I like it. Iceblade, I'll test the missions out for RG
  17. Winnyfred

    New FC campaign; Wing Commander: Affliction

    Started this today, all my other ideas went down the drain, couldn't get them to work. I got a splash screen and the splash screen song in a file, and looking for a way to upload it, it looks really nice, as far as I see it. I'll post it as soon as I can.
  18. Winnyfred

    FC campaign - new academy grads

    Hey i have a problem, im making an FC campiagn where you are a normal pilot, who just graduated the acadamy, and went to the midway. Im making my own mission, but it says when i try to load the breifing, "abnormal termination" any idea what causes it?