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    WCM on BBC 2

    Well... good news for you people who are able to get BBC 2 and do not yet have the movie. Wing Commander is airing on BBC next frisay (11th of october). Starts at 0:15am. Just thought I'd lett y'all know
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    A bit of self-critique

    How to tell if you have ANAL RETENTIVE SYNDROME: 1. You respond with sarcasm to most everything. 2. You have a photographic memory and use it to your advantage (to prove EVERYONE wrong). 3. You memorize useless trivia...not on purpose, and seem to have an opinion on everything (and you...
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    WC1,2 music.

    Can anybody help me with this little problem? I've got a motherboard which has on board sound, and I can't run WC1 and WC2 music. Any other computer game in dos works (even WC4,WC3 and others), but WC1 & 2 won't. I've already configured my system for EMS. I'm currently running under win xp. Any...
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    continuation of the series?

    Maybe this subject's a bit touchy, but since i'm a first time messager, why not. I don't understand the Chris Roberts quote on I mean, if the guy (i mean no disrespect, after all, he IS the creator of the serie) can find money for a WC-movie and projects like starlancer (love the...