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  1. ELTEE

    Happy Turkey Day

    All, wanted to take a moment and wish those celebrating Thanksgiving a happy and safe holiday. I don't know about y'all, but I'm enjoying the early release from the office... It's amazing what gets you excited as you get older...
  2. ELTEE

    Lego Carrier

    All, I couldn't help but share this link here - I stumbled across this lego carrier after a buddy recommended it. Watch the video - some of the features are really well done. I particularly like sections 2 and 3 where you see the illuminated hangar bay and the way the fighters land and lock...
  3. ELTEE

    Confederation Fleet Tactics

    I was looking through some old threads and came across the Gettysburg class (I think the Saga team created it.) Sounds like the majority of the Confed and Kilrathi fleets engaged themselves without carriers and starfighter support. This got me thinking - what would typical tactics be? Were...
  4. ELTEE

    GOG vs Originals In DosBox

    Hey guys, 2 quick questions! 1. This stems from being forced to step away from reality for a while - looking to have GOG explained to me in a bit more detail. I have WC1 and 2 in original DOS formats that I run in DosBox frequently - is there any difference between what I'm doing and what GOG...
  5. ELTEE

    Mustang down...

    It was a sad weekend for vintage aviation enthusiasts. I was deeply saddened by the tragedy that occurred at the Reno Air Races in Nevada. For those that may not know, it is one of the last venues where owners of souped up vintage fighter aircraft can race wingtip to wingtip as it was done...
  6. ELTEE

    CIC, eltee: On final, reporting for duty...

    Hey all - it's been a while but I'm finally back. The updated look of the CIC is a great surprise - well done! It looks like I have to figure out an appropriate avatar now. Never thought I'd see the day... Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. I've been catching up on all the latest news and...
  7. ELTEE


    I'm looking for a game that centers on fleet action - WWII preferably, but either world war is fine. I'd like engagments both large and small. Any advice? Dundradal, I think you've mentioned a couple in the past, right?
  8. ELTEE

    Tell me a story...

    ...about LOAF. It's a slow day at the office with the holiday right around the corner, so I thought I'd catch up on my propaganda assimilation for the month. :D
  9. ELTEE

    James S. Kirk?

    I heard a rumor that Pine announces himself as James Siberius Kirk at the beginning of the new movie - any truth to this? While I fully understand that errors can happen, this seems like it would have been pretty easy to fix in post production if they had wanted to... Just curious if anyone's...
  10. ELTEE

    Pic of the day

    Couldn't resist. How many of us have been there, especially when we were younger and WC1 was just installed on your recently upgraded computer? :D
  11. ELTEE

    What is the most successful class?

    After taking a look at the achievements of the Bengal class, I started wondering what we consider to be the best - and, unavoidably, the worst - class of carrier in the Wing Commander universe? Of course, all time periods are open for debate - but for the scope of this thread, let's really focus...
  12. ELTEE

    Star Wars: Empire at War

    Anyone have this game? I'm interested in it, but worried that it isn't much fun from a RTS point of view. I find it harder to 'trust' game reviews these days, so if anyone has first hand experience, I'd welcome their opinions on the game and its expansion, Forces of Corruption.
  13. ELTEE

    Star Wars Nonsense

    This had me in tears - I don't know why. It's not great, but worth a laugh. I loved the animated 'whatevers!'
  14. ELTEE


    It had to happen eventually. I think he had a good run, though. I'll start off the eulogies by saying that I wouldn't be who I am today without VHS. Never mind that I started to see through the fog of his lies...
  15. ELTEE

    Console Gaming 101

    I recently picked up a Wii for the holidays and have hooked it up to a flatscreen LCD television. Console gaming is nothing new to me, but gaming in conjunction with LCD tvs is. What is the real risk of screen burning? I notice the Wii has a feature you can turn on that is supposed to reduce...
  16. ELTEE

    New Class

    In my useless and rediculous opinion, we really need a new group of young posters who are enthusiastic, arrogant, whiny, and altogether a pain in the ass. Remember concordia/v.kent, whatever her/his name was? Sure, everyone groaned every time there was a post, but at least it incited...
  17. ELTEE

    Golden Sun

    OK, I'm sure most of you have seen this photo. I was checking out some stats on the Fighting Falcon and came accross this shot in the Wiki entry (actually, there are a few great images. The one with the pilot and night vision goggles is great too)...
  18. ELTEE

    Possible Garage Addition

    Some of my buddies were perusing E-bay and stumbled upon this listing: Now we're seriously...
  19. ELTEE

    Time Warp

    It's not that exciting, but using Google timewarp I came accross this page from the CIC back in 2001... Sign up now for those WC1/2 music CDs!
  20. ELTEE

    Halcyon vs Devereaux

    3 rounds, 5 minutes each, MMA style. The 'arena' is the briefing 'pit' on the Concordia. Who wins? In what round? What's the final bone-crushing move?