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    Free Hornet Model

    So, I've been studying Howie's amazing models and textures from the shots he's posted in the past for Pioneer and other projects, and trying to brush up on my modeling/texturing skills for my little personal project. After several evenings of work, and looking at tons of source material, and...
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    Dralthi MK IV

    I've been playing around with a little side project, and during that time I whipped up a quick Dralthi MK IV model to test some things out. I wanted something a little higher poly than the originals from WC3, 4 and Prophecy, and higher res textures - but I wanted to keep the same gritty feel...
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    WC3 Cap Ships 3ds meshes

    I've been trying to track down the Kilrathi capships (carrier, dreadnought, etc.) from WC3 as 3DS meshes for a while, and haven't come up with much yet. Granted, I could convert them myself and retexture them all, but if someone else has already done all the hard work, I'd like to benefit from...
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    WC3 Media Extraction REDUX (Screenshots)

    OK, finally got my copy of WC3 in the mail. Still so fun after all these years! So... after tearing myself away from playing it I delved into some of the problems discussed in my previous post. First off, I've been trying to take screenshots - of ANYTHING - in SVGA mode in WC3. Can't get...
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    WC3 Demo problems on 95,98 & 2K

    Just bought a copy of WC3 on auction, and while waiting for it, thought I'd try to get the WC3 demo working. I've tried it on 3 different machines with 3 different OS'es (95,98 and 2k) and always run into the same problem. The WC4 demo runs flawlessly, but not WC3 It runs fine during the...
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    WC3 Media Extraction for TC questions

    Howdy. Been lurking about here for a while. I recently built an online space combat sim called SabreWing Has pretty obvious WC influences. What am I saying - REALLY obvious. On the sly, I'm ruminating on doing a Wing Commander 3 TC using my current codebase...