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    WC2 Bug in Novaya Kiev Missions 2/3.

    So I just played Novaya Kiev and in Mission 2 I refueled when I was inbound to the Kilrathi Depot. On outbound I radio'd the transport and asked for refuel and nothing happened. I went and jumped out... Mission 3 started, I autopiloted to the ejected pilot and at the first nav point the...
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    FreeDOS Priv/Strike Boot Settings (Autoexec.bat fdconfig.sys)

    Has anyone on here got a working example of FreeDOS running Privateer/Strike Commander? I've found a lot of old post/references online that talk about FreeDOS being capable of running Privateer but I'm struggling to find an actual configuration example. I am experimenting with...
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    Wing Commander 1/2 on Roland D110

    Has anyone tried to use Wing Commander on a Roland D-110 Synth? It's supposed to be the professional version of the MT-32. I have a rare chance to pick one up and I just want to confirm if anyone has tried it.
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    SC-55 vs SC-55MK2 vs SC-88 for Wing Commander

    Hi Guys, Just looking to get some advice/recommendations from the guys that have used the midi modules. I'm looking to purchase one on ebay/gumtree to take my Wing Commander experience to the next level. I'm more concerned with the Wing Commander 1/2/Privateer era games as I have the Kilrathi...
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    Bug in GOG WC2

    Hey all, I found a bug today while replaying WC2. I was playing the GOG edition, Enigma B : Strike mission. I got a torpedo off at the listening post and then had my target track destroyed. Rather than suicide/eject and reload the mission. I flew back to the Concordia. Angel met me on board and...
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    Request for interview: Privateer Musicians

    Hi guys, I'd like to request the CIC interview any of the Wing Commander Privateer composers: Laura Barratt, Marc Schaefgen, Nenad Vugrinec. I don't think we've ever heard from any of these people about the music they've made. Privateer was one of the best games in the series and the soundtrack...
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    Infinity Battlescape - Planet landings/solar system dogfighting

    The kickstarter ends in 64 hours. Definitely looks awesome.
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    Strike Commander Remake/RealSpace WC3/4/Armada Experiments

    Hi guys, I've been experimenting with Fabien's Strike Commander remake engine from: I've been able to build the engine code (had to make some modifications to add includes etc) and now have a partial implementation of the Strike...
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    Kilrathi Saga WC3 Music

    I extracted the music from the Kilrathi Saga version of Wing Commander 3. I have placed it on Mega for people to download.!xtNj3RSK!6ZXpsjl5cel1sK4hkZNdpyPSq21I13EgNfS5fO4nq1c The music in Kilrathi Saga was not in midi audio format but was compressed wav files.
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    Elite Dangerous pulls offline singleplayer

    As the title says, online connection will be required to play Elite: dangerous . Already over 450 complaints pages in just three days...,
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    Wing Commander Posters

    Hello Everyone, I've been reading the news on the site recently about CIG and I've noticed some WC memorabilia I have never seen before. Namely the giant Wing Commander 3/4 posters that are about the size of two A3 sheets put together, possibly bigger. Which are framed on the wall. Has anyone...
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    Available from the RSI Website now is the dogfighting module for Star Citizen. Jump on in and blow some people up!
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    Wing Commander Chromart

    Hi everyone, I just bought the Wing Commander IV Price of Freedom Chromart, and I was wondering if anyone knows where you can get the other three pieces? In particular I'm highly interested in getting the Excalibur Bombing run piece.
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    Nenad Vugrinec - Awesome music.

    Am I the only one who wishes that Nenad Vugrinec would do an orchestral project similar to George Oldziey's? I Love the music from Strike Commander and Privateer. The range of music is awesome and every track just works for me.
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    Star Citizen Linux port

    Looks like Crytek are currently hiring a Linux developer to port the game engine to Linux! Looks like Star Citizen will be getting ported! Chris was saying they are talking with Crytek and if it...
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    Helmets (request for images)

    Hi, I would like to request some photos of the pilot helmets used in WC3, 4, and Prophecy. Would it be possible to have some photos taken of top, front, side, and rear views of the helmets, with a ruler placed next to the helmet in each photo at right angles to the helmet like so: |() This...
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    Wing Commander Costuming

    Hey guys, I just picked this up off of Ebay: Was wondering, is there...
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    Iron Sky Wing Commander Reference

    Hey guys, I just came from the Iron Sky movie about Nazis invading from the dark side of the moon... Anyway, there's a scene where they ask one of the main characters if he can fly a nazi flying saucer, and he responds that it has to be similar to playing Wing Commander :)
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    Wooden model Wing Commander fighters? Now to me this immediately looks suspicious because the Excalibur paintjob etc is totally wrong. But does anyone know if these are real? Interested to know if anyone has seen and or bought from these guys previously? (update: it appears they are also using Howard Day's...
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    Wing Commander 3/4 Flightsuits and Uniforms for wc3

    I remember hearing a while back that the wc3 uniforms were modified janitor outfits. Is there any information available on these as well as the wc3/4 flightsuit designs? I really like the visual style used for the space suits in wc3/4 and am considering a cosplay in one or the other. Also, is...