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  1. criticalmass

    BREAKING NEWS: Restored Privateer 2 Footage Available (May 20, 2020)

    While I had the feeling that WC/Privateer is slowly drifting out of my life, this has been a great blast of nostalgia. Wonderful find, LOAF! Now should I go and reinstall my Darkening CD copy on one of the old rigs, or silently pray for @ODVS to break out the video enhancement kit and make the...
  2. criticalmass

    Is April Fools Canceled? (April 1, 2020)

    I really missed some of these over the years. Makes me quite nostalgic.
  3. criticalmass

    That One About Akkbar (April 1, 2002)

    Let me tell you 18 years later how much I appreciate this.
  4. criticalmass

    Immersive Italian Retrospettiva with a Twist (November 28, 2018)

    Impressive and educational (considering my Italian is veeeeery rusty). The Galactica '78 scene-by-scene comparison is really funny - although I don't quite agree; that was a lot of work and deserves respect.
  5. criticalmass

    Check Out Kilrathi Saga's Swag (February 13, 2018)

    Having a cat in a WCKS video is true internet professionalism.
  6. criticalmass

    Those Were the Days (April 28, 2017)

    Funny coincidence. That's exactly the article I read on my year abroad in MS, and decided to get the Privateer+RF+SpeechPack CD.
  7. criticalmass

    The pandora is an awesome thing

    I'm in the Pyra preorder queue too - so let's see how well the Wing Commanders will run in that one. My guess: Exceptionally well.
  8. criticalmass

    Sundog Frozen Legacy: Resurrected

    This is rather off the beaten track, but maybe of interest to someone from the nostalgia crowd (and, hey, that's half of us): One of Wing Commander's (rather Privateer's) ancestors is seeing a remake: Sundog: Frozen Legacy (1984, FTL) is remade as Sundog: Resurrected Legacy with full...
  9. criticalmass

    Twins Review Wing Commander (November 14, 2015)

    At least they seemed to have genuine fun. And every time from now when I'll watch Rosie's death scene I will hear those voices in the background...
  10. criticalmass

    Wcdx - Kilrathi Saga for modern Windows

    I haven't been here for a long time, but this woke me up - so I tried the PC Gamer WC1 version (copied wc1 folder from unzipped download directory) with 1.2beta1 on a Windows 8.1 rig; and I get: C:\wc1>wcpatch Wing1.exe Wing1_wcdx.exe failed opening file: iostream stream error Maybe it's the...
  11. criticalmass

    The Star Citizen Organization WCCIC

    Fellow 'nuts and citizens, can somebody correct that typo in the history section: "The Wing Commander Combat Information Combat..." Otherwise, it starts to look good. Just needs a SC-fiction tie-in somewhere.
  12. criticalmass

    WingNut Wedding: Chris & Lacey Take Off! (June 30, 2014)

    Congratulations and best wishes - may the fun and laughter never end :)
  13. criticalmass

    Announcing a Wonderful Wingnut Wedding (August 4, 2013)

    My sincerest congratulations. Now do us all a favor and be a happy couple ;)
  14. criticalmass

    Echo Sector Bounces Back (June 9, 2013)

    Database connect error - whoa, guys, come on!
  15. criticalmass

    RSI Launches Video Game Retrospective Show (June 7, 2013)

    Strike Commander was an odd bird - I liked the story more than the flight sim parts (probably due to my PC's low performance) and found flying overly hard. So if Star Citizen / Sq42 revives interest in simulation games and story-driven campaign models somewhat, it will be another stretch to get...
  16. criticalmass

    WC4 Movie (German) 1080p

    Ah, the times when game companies invested in big-cast translation and synchronization efforts... By the way, it lacks all flight scenes, other than Queeg's movie project. But even so, it's incredibly long - and a nice dive into the past.
  17. criticalmass

    BREAKING NEWS: Roberts Space Industries: Big Announcement Coming In October (September 10, 2012)

    Great news indeed. But tell me, how far are you guys involved in that? Some of the prose on the site reads awfully familiar ;)
  18. criticalmass

    A Trip to the WC Universe is Right (May 4, 2012)

    Interesting piece, but it seems to cater for a very special-interest, steam-punk-nostalgia-with-WC-background target group. I wonder who wrote it...
  19. criticalmass

    Where do I "Quit" from??

    I haven't found a way to quit while docked, but haven't been looking too hard either. I usually dock, save via the Quine, launch & quit.
  20. criticalmass

    What if... - Wing Commander never happened?

    That actually was my take when I asked myself the starting question. In a way, the final releases of Wing Commander and the start of my 'online life' converged. It wasn't just playing a computer game and talking about it in the school bus or the recess area nerd corner, there suddenly was a...