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  1. sol_hsa

    So long, and thanks for all the fish

    So, I just ran through wc:prophecy. Unless something weird happens (like EA suddenly dumping wing commander source code on my lap - hey, man can dream, can't I?), I probably won't be frequenting these forums too much. It's been a blast!
  2. sol_hsa

    ddhack final - wc1-3ks, wc4cd support

    Okiedokie. I've released ddhack 1.0, most likely the final version ever, unless something weird happens. I did a quick cleanup of the source code, and released it as well, as promised, so if someone wants to take it for a spin, I won't mind. The page also...
  3. sol_hsa

    Kilrathi saga owners: beta testers needed

    Howdy. I came upon the possession of the kilrathi saga recently, and I *hate* what I have to do to get it to play in win7. So I started writing this directdraw hack. The zip contains a ddraw.dll and a readme file. Usage: Copy to the application...