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  1. Cyberion

    Razor - lowpoly version

    Hey guys. First of all sorry for posting another Razor model in a different thread, but this one is different from my high-poly project I'm still working on when I'm in the mood. This one is low poly mesh, made today on a request and posted here for a free distribution. I was asked multiple...
  2. Cyberion

    WC Pioneer Promo Video (gift #2)

    Hey there guys. Was quite some time since my 1st gift for a project. So I decided it's time for another one. And for this one I decided to do what I'm the best at. Animation. That's what I love, that's what I can do better than modelling. Unfortunately for this Wing Commander Pioneer...
  3. Cyberion

    Razor - Pirate Fighter

    Hello there guys. It's been a while since my last post here in 3D modeling field. Was kinda busy in real life. But never forgot about modeling, so I tried to enhance the skills when I had free time. Now that I have opportunity to work more on modeling I decided to finally finish what I...
  4. Cyberion

    WC4 vs StarWars

    Well i'm not sure if this was posted already, but take a look at the video i found on youtube. pay attention to the subtitles, it's the exact translation from the German language. This is hilarious!!!
  5. Cyberion

    NB: Ultima Online - rebuild from scratch Read the announcement and be surprised by the changes that are coming ;) EDIT: oops, forgot to post screenshots. Here we go:
  6. Cyberion

    The Soul Cage

    I was browsing around the internet, when i found this extremely interesting articles about Origin's life written by its employee. It was a very nice reading and there were some nice facts that never was brought to the public. Like the fact taht Garriot's team that worked on UO2 burned all the...
  7. Cyberion

    WC CIC 8th birthday - present

    I know i'm a bit late, but nonetheless i would like to congratulate you guys on keeping this place alive. For years this resource stays the best place about WingCommander games. Here is my small present. A WC CIC wallapper. I used Milkyway photo from NASA's website as a background for this...
  8. Cyberion

    Sukhoi - some nice video of Jets

    I guess you will like that video from international exposition MAKS 2005. Plus some other random videos, which i found on the site of Sukhoi. Nice jets, nice movies. Online video at google Direct download link...
  9. Cyberion

    A gift

    Well guys i'm really impressed at the work you are doing on WC:Pioneer. So i decided to create a small gift for you. Spent some time making a wallpaper that will be of enough quality to reflect the quality of your work. :D Sorry for tautology, hehehe. Anyway here are the images: Small preview...
  10. Cyberion

    WC Forever! - Desktop image

    Hey guys, was experimenting with photoshop recently and found an interesting action in photoshop. Explosion. Decided to use it and make the following wallpaper. 1280x1024, ~1mb: Link: I hope you like it...
  11. Cyberion

    Behemoth WIP thread

    well started modeling Behemoth. Here is a quick result, i'll try to make this model highly detailed. Making those detailes from the original Behemoth textures. Anyway here is for your pleasure (click to enlarge):
  12. Cyberion

    Behemoth's size

    Hey guys, does anyone have the information about Behemoth's size? I'm modeling it right now and i want it to be pretty accurate. I'm not sure if WC3 models were the real size, that is why it will be very helpful to have this information. Thx, Cyb.
  13. Cyberion

    Moving In - wallpaper by Cyberion

    Well i was bored and decided to make a new wallpaper in Wing Commander Style. I used Maj.Striker's models and made the starfield in photoshop, than i put everything together in Lightwave and made this rendering: Preview: Download, 1280x960, ~1mb...
  14. Cyberion

    Congrats guys!

    Hey guys! I'm glad to see it finally being published for the public ;) I want to wish you the best luck on the project! May the force be with you! Cyb P.S. the quality of the Brad's models and your textured Howard is increadible. Keep up the good work! That's what i was always lacking...
  15. Cyberion

    I thought i would join

    Well, I have to say this in the seperate thread. The work you made on the FC is amazing. Yes, it has some "issues", but hey, I know you coded alone... it's a tough task, I know it myself. This is something I always wanted to do, but failed. I understood that i'm not so good at coding, so I...
  16. Cyberion


    well, i'm busy for awhile, but still here...
  17. Cyberion

    Spirit, update?

    Spirit, would you mind post the date of the last update for WCU, so i may add it to the webby? also could you notify me via PM about any new updates you are giving for download, so i may update the site as well?
  18. Cyberion

    Splash Screen

    well i'm making the splash screen-wallpaper for WCU ;) here is the result so far:
  19. Cyberion


    alright Spirit, could you post who is on a team and who is doing what? it's time to stop this decentrilized developing. Forums there, forums here... etc...
  20. Cyberion

    gfx improvement

    Spirit, I and Brad had a talk concerning the quality of the current model and we have decided than we will be improving the textures of the models and remodel at high quality most of them to give the game an ultimate look. Mainly this will be Brad's job, but i'll contribute to this as well. So...