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  1. overmortal

    Shameless request for help

    Hey, all. I haven't posted in these forums in quite some time, so many of you won't know me, but I've humbly come to ask a favor. I've started a kickstarter campaign to fund a cd I'm putting out. The style is mid 90's punk rock, and I'm raising the funds to finish the final stages of...
  2. overmortal

    WC Dreams

    I know a thread similar to this one has appeared in the past, but the last one I was present for was a few years ago, so I thought I'd post the question again. Does anyone here ever have Wing Commander dreams? Or dreams where elements of WC somehow make it into your dream?
  3. overmortal

    How do I played mission?

    So, I'm a complete newbie at this entire thing. I'm using the Saga Prologue release, and I can't seem to play fs2 files with the mission simulator. The mission released a bit ago in VP format, with the Rapier II seems to run fine, but any mission listed as an FS2 file will not even show up on...
  4. overmortal

    WC: Top Gun

    First off, let me say that I realize that the Saga team is incredibly busy getting the prologue ready. But, it was the beta of the prologue that I played so so long ago that gave me this idea which the Saga team may find useful at some later date. The AI in the WC games has never been truely...
  5. overmortal

    I'm a dad!

    At 9:32 p.m., March 15, 2005, my little girl, Kayla Eden Ingram was born. I don't have any pictures developed yet, but I'll have some here as soon as I can. I don't know how many of my fellow CZers are fathers (or mothers), but I know that, as I was driving home tonight from the hospital...
  6. overmortal

    New ship and reworked ship

    Hi! Since my first attempt at a ship in Space Combat was lackluster, I decided not only to improve on its design, but to try my hand at another. Here's the reworked SF-04 Javelin: Changes between this model and the previous one are a difference in weight/mass (which helps...
  7. overmortal

    SF-04 Javelin

    I took an interest in Space Combat (of X-Plane fame) and played the game. After a night or two of tinkering, I decided to build my own ship. This is that ship. It's a first attempt (and you can only use in-game ship components, so none of them will look exactly flashy or WCish) and it's a...
  8. overmortal

    A letter from my best friend . . . I know most of you wouldn't believe this, but this letter (which, btw, you can find posted all across the internet and in over 200 newspapers) was written to me personally by my best friend who is currently in Iraq. I still have the...
  9. overmortal

    Freespace2 demo

    Hey, I've been looking around for a bit, and I can't seem to find a place that actually still has the demo for Freespace2. I've never played it, but the screenshots from WCSaga have piqued my curiosity. Does anyone know where I can actually get a working download for the demo? Preferably...
  10. overmortal

    Happy New Year!

    Wooo! First post of 2004? The world may never know.
  11. overmortal

    Wanna Play?

    Hey, I've just reinstalled MechWarrior3, and Worms2 on my computer. If anyone wants to play, either look me up on AIM (overmortal), or catch me in #wingnut. And, Filler, I got it working properly, so I'm ready to own you now. UPDATE: I've also reinstalled X-wing vs Tie Fighter . . . but...
  12. overmortal

    Concept Idea (please don't hate me)

    I was playing WCP and skinning turrets in a Panther when I had an idea: What if confed designed fighters (to be deployed in specific numbers to each vessel) for very specific tasks? For example: Pre-strike Fighter - Designed as a light, fast, nimble ship with the express purpose in mind...
  13. overmortal

    Oh, SCHWEET!

    Well, I just managed to dl SO and then UE. I've just finished my first session in UE, and, I must say, job very very damned well done! I'm only on the second or third actual mission (I stopped because I got too excited), and so far, it reminds me of playing WC1 in the prophecy engine...
  14. overmortal

    Come visit

    When I first started the Over Mortal website, I signed up for an EZ board. I've, since then, made a change or two to it, and you guys are welcome to come and chat there. It's a crummy board, but oh well.
  15. overmortal

    That's it!

    That's it. I've had enough. To stop this madness, I'm going to post part of my latest (and worst) privateer story, in an attempt to show you how painful it is to read someone else's bad fiction! . . . yes, yes, yes, I know. It's shameless. Shut up.
  16. overmortal

    Does anyone know how to degauze a TV?

    My tv screen is purple and green, and it's bugging the living fuck out of me.
  17. overmortal


    Y'know, it's not uncommon for people to have bad dreams. Sometimes people even have 'em more frequently than others. I've been having horrible, nightmarish, terrifying dreams every time I go to sleep for a couple weeks now. A couple hours ago, I lay down for a nap. I have no less than four...
  18. overmortal

    Busy Bee of the CIC (no rhyme or pun intended)

    I have a question: What's the fastest anyone's climbed the ranks of the CIC? I joined on July 21 (I think that's the correct date) of this year (2003), and, tonight it's August 26. Tonite I reached 300 official posts (which doesn't include the OTZ, which would probably put me at 400 by...
  19. overmortal

    Heeey . . .

    I'm curious . . . I've attained the rank of 1st Lt, and I have over 150 posts, but my graphic hasn't changed, and I can't use the "regular" functions. What gives? New rule or something?
  20. overmortal

    Lightning in bottles

    Hey, who was it that posted the picture of the old man with bottles full of lightning, and the caption that read something like "I can catch lightning in bottles, but I still can't tell what the fuck you just said" ? I can't seem to find it on the board, and I'd like to save that pic on my...