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  1. lew82

    The War At Home

    Hi folks, Many moons ago I did the animated series 'Frontier - Prelude to Darkness' now through a bit of naivety on my part I lost the rights to my own series which is kinda why it totally ceased to be. I moved on and started making other projects on my own, I made a horror which took a lot of...
  2. lew82

    Frontier - Prelude to Darkness

    This is a Science Fiction Movie I am making. It is not quite Wing Commander, BUT is totally inspired by it! I grew up on Wing Commander I, II, III, IV and Prophecy - best years of my life! The website is here And the Youtube videos are here: Part 1 Part 2...
  3. lew82

    Frontier - Prelude to Darkness

    Hey all, This isn't exactly Wing Commander - but it's completely inspired by Wing Commander!! It's gonna be a movie length SciFi animation, along the same style as Wing Commander. Website is here: I will put up the youtube links shortly!:cool: YOUTUBE LINKS Part 1 Part 2...