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  1. matthew954

    hornet spacecraft

    Hey, I was wondering if i could get a basic copy of the hornet textures. The reason being that I am working on the next version of my R/C Hornet, and wanted to use the textures as a basic template as to where all the details would go on the aircraft. Im not making any money on my model and is...
  2. matthew954

    Extract sound

    How can I extract audio from a movie file? I have a basic capture program, and want to capture a portion of one of my DVD's (rock song that I can't find on the web ~~~). I know how to capture the video, but I don't know how to get rid of the video and keep the sound and make it into an mp3. I...
  3. matthew954

    Odin Starlight Mutiny Question

    Ok, I am sure there are atleast a few anime fans here at the CIC. Ok, I have the anime classic Odin Starlight Mutiny (formerly known as Odin Photon Space Sailer Starlight). Now I have a question about the movie, The band Loudness made the slow rock song at the end of the movie (and the music...
  4. matthew954

    Vista problem

    Ok, I have Battlefield 1942. I know its old compared to the new 2142, but anyhow. I use the new Windows Vista on my new laptop. I have 1942 loaded onto it and it plays like a champ. The problem is I downloaded the mod Desert Combat Extended .9, the mod loads and when I start a map it only...
  5. matthew954

    Wing Commander: Heroes Legacy

    Wing Commander: Heroes Legacy Setting: Approximately 100 years following Wing Commander: Prophecy Story: In the time after the victory over the Nephilim Forces (called the Great Scourge by the Kilrathi), humans and Kilrathi have learned to put aside their differences. Thus both...
  6. matthew954

    Game Programmer Needed

    Ok we need help, with the programming of our new mod. So far there are only 2 of us on the development team. And neither of us can program to save our lives. I can design spacecraft and stations and soforth, and a writer writing the story. If anyone is interested please PM me.
  7. matthew954

    Import Fighters

    How do I import fighters so that they are playable in Flight Commander. Im trying to practice for when I begin importing ships for my mod. Right now im using the wing commander 1 ship pack. When I put copied the ships to the directory, and listed all the models in the shipviewer file but only...
  8. matthew954

    3D Programs

    Ok, I'm getting ready to make some ships for my Flight Commander mod. Which program is the best one to use? I have 3DS Max 5. I'll need an export script to be able to make the models for the game.
  9. matthew954

    3ds max r3,4 compatibility

    Is it possible to open a mesh file that was designed with Max r3 in 3DS Max 5? I think someone told me a long time ago if you could but now I forget for sure.
  10. matthew954

    My new project

    Ok, I have gotten an idea for a new game. I would like anyones impressions before I proceed. Here goes: Game: Wing Commander: Legacy Setting: 100 years following Wing Commander: Prophecy Story: In the time following events with the Nephilum forces, humans and Kilrathi have...
  11. matthew954

    Video Question

    Ok, this post isnt necessarily about Wing Commander. I need help. I have a new 5th generation Ipod and want to put the Wing Commander videos Ive downloaded onto it. The trouble is they are all mpg or mpeg, and the ipod needs some new format that is only recognizable by quicktime. So my...
  12. matthew954

    Question about Wing Commander Universe

    Ok, I've just downloaded a bunch of files for Wing Commander Universe, and I have no idea how to install them. The files I have are as follows: code, data, shippack 5.1, and wcu071705. I'm looking forward to playing this game and I am completely stumped. Any help will be appreciated.
  13. matthew954

    Do I need the original game to play?

    Do I need to have the original Freelancer to play the game or is it stand alone like standoff and unknown enemy?
  14. matthew954

    game soundtracks

    Has anyone considered making a downloadabe soundtrack for Standoff and Unknown Enemy. I like the music in both games and really helps play out the stories. Plus the classic wing commander simulator music gets stuck in my head for hours after I run the first sim mision in standoff:D .
  15. matthew954

    Whats your favorite fighter and capship

    Ok, this post is somewhat self explanatory ~~~. What is everyones favorite starfighter and capital ship? Me, I have to lean towards the Rapier Mark 2 and the Bengal Class Strike Carrier. I think the Rapier has the best all around armor and speed, and definently comes packing! The Bengal...
  16. matthew954

    UE Crashes on startup

    Ok, I just downloaded Unkown enemy. But every time I launch the game, it crashes. I have the game set for direct 3d 16 mb, and the resloution set for 800 by 600. I had a similar problem with standoff but I forget how I fixed it. Any help is much appreciated, thanks.
  17. matthew954

    Make Wing Commander ships Flyable in FS2004

    With all the models being made for everyones screenshots, everyone should just throw all their models into a big Wing Commander Pack for flight simulator and or x-plane. Like for instance my hornet. I wouldnt mind contributing to a compilation like that. Put on the readme contributed by all...
  18. matthew954

    WC: 4 Question

    Ok, now im not entirely sure this is the right forum for this question but..... I need some help with the Playstation version of Wing Commander 4. This is really just a mission question, if anyone knows exactly what im talking about. Ok, here goes. The Intrepid is just outside the Axius...
  19. matthew954

    Standoff crashes on loading

    Ok, I just downloaded Standoff chapters 1 and 2. When I click play game button, I get the following error: GL_d3d_5::create ZBuffer attach failed 87 I use Windows XP Service Pack 2. Any help is requested and appreciated.
  20. matthew954

    demo availability

    After seeing your great screenshots and videos of the game, I was wondering if there was a demo version available? If there is I was wondering where I can find it.