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  1. criticalmass

    Sundog Frozen Legacy: Resurrected

    This is rather off the beaten track, but maybe of interest to someone from the nostalgia crowd (and, hey, that's half of us): One of Wing Commander's (rather Privateer's) ancestors is seeing a remake: Sundog: Frozen Legacy (1984, FTL) is remade as Sundog: Resurrected Legacy with full...
  2. criticalmass

    What if... - Wing Commander never happened?

    I like "What if"-threads, and this place is full of them: Story twists, technological development, psychological analysis of character actions... - exploring the hypothetical is so much fun. But I haven't found this one: What if... - you didn't get that first Wing Commander game on your...
  3. criticalmass

    Little Lights on Starship's sides

    Every time I come here I am amazed about the depth of knowledge that has been reached about everything wingcommandery, and every time, albeit a casual but regular fan of the series, I feel like a newbie. What question can be raised that does not have a factual, documented and checked answer...
  4. criticalmass

    Encyclopedia and Sources

    One of the nicest features in the CIC for me is the Encyclopedia, really. I use it frequently to help my addling brain, and to get things together I read a long time ago somewhere. A BIG thanks for all the work that went into it. The only possible flaw I could find with it is the lack of...
  5. criticalmass

    Deja vu: Carrier going down

    Rather unrelated to anthing WC-ish, the USS Oriskany was sunk on purpose to build a giant artificial reef in the Mexican gulf. Scrapping the decommissioned carrier was considered too expensive as well as inconsiderate for its veterans, so the alternative was to establish it as natural preserve...
  6. criticalmass

    Military Procedure in WC

    Somewhat unrelated to another thread, I was wondering if we could get together to put some things straight (or maybe someone has done the work already, and can just point me into the right direction). I was wondering about military procedure in the Wing Commander universe the other day. I...
  7. criticalmass

    Museum Ships

    It's a little embarrassing to issue this request, but maybe it is also of some benefit for others (if not for the benefit of cultured discussion): After some failed attempts of creating a plausible interactive plotline, I think I've cobbled together something more original than the fan...
  8. criticalmass

    WC4 DVD offers on eBay Germany - who is this?

    Every other week, there is an offer for a WC4 DVD version on eBay, packaged together with a homemade DVD containing the WC3&4 Making-of videos, plus soundtracks, trailers and TV-spots. The offer looks like this:
  9. criticalmass

    Hitchhiker Radio Play goes on

    Just a little late, but since May 3, BBC Radio 4 is airing the remaining episodes of Douglas Adams' HHGTG: If you like the Hitchhiker novels, the TV series, the movie, or just towels in general, then take a look at: You can even play Steve...
  10. criticalmass

    Concordia (Confederation Dreadnought) sister ships?

    Completely unrelated to the thread trying to define the interior structure and layout of the Confederation Dreadnought for some unapparent reason, I've got another question: Simply: Was the Concordia the only ship of that class? (Then why name a class after her?) I've found no references...
  11. criticalmass

    Searching floor plans for WC1/2 capships

    Hi all, I'm looking for a rough diagram, blueprint, or floor plan of a WC1/2 capship; Bengal or Dreadnought class would be especially interesting. It doesn't have to be picture perfect, just a basic schematic telling you where you end up when you leave the launch bay, where the briefing...
  12. criticalmass

    Experience with DOS 7.10?

    I stumbled over this while looking around for diferent ways to mess up my machine: A Microsoft DOS version that's supposed to run with NT4 and even XP ? Interesting. But I don't want to mess up my machine that much, so I'm asking the OS wizards around here first, if anybody has some...
  13. criticalmass

    Fan Fiction Audiobooks?

    This is more of an apologetic thread: The other day I was on the road, listening to an audiobook version of Umberto Eco's "The Name Of The Rose", and I thought: Well, this audiobook craze is pretty big right now - just grab a book, read it out aloud, and make some money with it. Sure, it...
  14. criticalmass

    What's this: Action Ware Extra Mission CD

    Hey all, maybe this is more something for Tech Support or the Museum, but I found this while browsing the UK eBay: Action Ware Extra Missions for the Wing Commander Series (CD) Has anybody seen this before?
  15. criticalmass

    The OED Science Fiction Terms Project

    The Oxford English Dictionary organization has finally launched its subproject to list Science Fiction terms and their first source of usage. You'll find a lot of stuff we use every day - but I haven't spotted a Wing Commander word creation listed yet. Take a look and have fun...
  16. criticalmass

    Found this WC Mod - but for what?

    Hey all, I found this while surfing: Can anyone tell me what this is? From the status, it's nearly complete, but doesn't give much else information, except a possible release date in 2005. :confused: :confused: :confused:
  17. criticalmass

    Free form, unfolding storyline - is that all?

    After looking at quite an handful of current and older releases of spacesims I've been wondering if that sums up the "success" formula for the genre: You fly where you want to, you have a dynamic universe around you that reacts to your actions (somehow), and you get drawn into a storyline which...
  18. criticalmass

    The silliest callsign

    As we are just discussing the importance of callsigns in another thread, this is a question that has been burning in the back of my mind for a long time. Well, more simmering on a very low, low flame: What's your silliest callsign? Do you have only one? Or do you have one to start games...
  19. criticalmass

    Space Badge: Air Force vs. Buzz Lightyear

    In other News: The Walt Disney Company is suing the U.S. Air Force over the design of a new space badge. That's an interesting article about a bizarre design similarity - too bad it's all not true. But I thought I'd post it before someone picks up the fake article and starts the "big...
  20. criticalmass

    Next year we'll celebrate...

    I just realized that we missed it by a day: The 14th of October, 1910. The day when naval aviation started, with Eugene Ely lifting off the USS Birmingham with a Curtiss biplane. And from there on the whole story of carriers, flyboys, fighters and capships started. More or less.