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    Wing Commanders for sale.

    For various reason I'm selling a lot of stuff soon. Some of this stuff is Wing Commander games and I figure there might be wingnuts out there who would like to top off a collection (or even start one). I have: Wing Commander 2 Deluxe CD* Wing Commander 3 Origin's Official Guide to...
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    So here I was wasting my morning reading through the latest Warhammer Online newsletter, when I had a LOAF sighting. Would'na believed it if there wasn't a big fuss about recovered artifacts going on. LOAF makes his appearance in...
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    The Fleets and Admirals of Confed.

    We have lots of good information on the ships and individuals, but I was wondering how much information do we have on the fleets? Is there any organization shown in development materials, indication of their composition, how many there are, etc? Or how about who commanded what fleet during a...
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    Your favorite carrier to defend?

    So, what was your favorite ship to defend in the Wing Commander games? Was it the Tiger's Claw and all those kills you made since it didn't fire? The Concordia and it's PTC fireworks? Maybe the Victory, Lexington, or Intrepid with their pretty red streams of turret fire? Or maybe the...
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    C&C 12th Anniversary - C&C Gold made free. If that's their first-day celebration kick-off, I wonder what they're going to do next.
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    The feline avatar on the main page of this RPG (and similar characters shown in screenshots) are what I'm refering to. Not as furry as I remember them... :p
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    Sigma Designs XCard

    I did a search and found only one thread. I was wondering if anyone had actually gotten an XCard and used WC4 DVD with it? The thread had an e-mail response from Sigma stating it would work, but only in full-screen (which shouldn't be a problem). Either way I'm thinking of getting a h/w...