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    I was at Walmart today and saw Photo 4.0 and thought maybe I could create a nice looking Desktop wallpaper but when I sat down i had problems. I'm wanting to add a Space background with myself in a Dark Jedi Costume and a Rise of the Empire Symbol. Can anyone help?
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    I'm trying to add the music from Armada into FC but I can't get them to work because they must be MP3. I tried download a MIDI To MP3 Convertor but it won't work. Can you help me out.
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    dauntless model

    I download the old BWS Dauntless how do i get the game to use this model instead of the new one?
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    BWS Dauntless (obsolete version)

    I downloaded the BWS Dauntless (obsolete version) from UE website and wanna convert it into FC, How would i go about doing that?
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    Q related to SO

    I wasn't sure if i should post this in here or WC Chat. Anyhow, i'm want make a campaign with FC with the TCS Cerberus and i was wondering what happened to the veteran Midway pilots (Casey,Spyder,etc.) if you got the good ending?
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    Freespace series

    Since i recently got a labtop computer i've been looking into space combat pc games beside wing commander like Starlancer,Freelancer,Freespace. As i have been following WC Saga and knew that the team would be using the Freespace 2 engine i went and brought the freespace 2 to fimilar myself with...
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    Prophecy Files

    Can someone send the files from WC Prophecy Disc 1. My disc 1 of prophecy is so damage i can't burn a copy and i really don't want to buy the game again on ebay. You can email the file to
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    SCP version of FRED 2

    I was reading the FAQS and watch all your trailers. I found that if i Use the SCP version of FRED 2 i can create my own missions and campaigns in WC Saga when it's release of course. I was wondering where i can get this program? Is there any place to get for free? PS. Sorry if this has...
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    Vision Engine

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this. Anyway, is WC Prophecy,Secret Ops and the various mods(UE,Standoff) the only game that uses the Vision Enige (spelling may be wrong)?
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    Help w/ Video Files in FC

    Ok, I rip the Border World Pilot videos from UE to be like the default Confed ones using HCI's Movie Player but when I added add the videos to FC. I have the same video overlaping. After riping i renamed the videos ubp and ubp_dead and added ubp to my video.txt and in mission editior just...
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    wmv to avi convertor

    Any body know of a free program that will allow me to convert windows media video to avi format?
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    Request Kilrathi Voices

    I noticed while playing UE that you made your own Kilrathi Voices in particular the Fralthi Commander. I was wondering how you made the voice actor sound Kilrathi ,is their a program? If so could I get a download of it? I got Flight Commander and wanna make the player a Kilrathi.
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    RE Outbreak

    Is there any fans of the Resident Evil Series out there. I sure would love to discuss the latest game due out in the USA this Tuesday. I think Resident Evil Outbreak will be a descent enough game. And when you play for the first time who will you be playing as? I will be playing as either...
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    TCS Lionheart

    How can the Lionheart a Gilgamesh carry squadrons of Gladius, Stiletto and Sabre plus some Marine LCs? Far as I know they don't have a Hangar or Flight Deck.
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    Est Prolouge Release

    I know that this might be a far away from happening but from your Progress can give me a Estimate Release for the Prolouge to be released? I'm really excited about it!
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    I've seen time and again Pedro or Quarto telling countless WC Fans that the UE Mod must be installed in the same folder as WC Secret Ops. Are you two guys talking about the same Directory or the same Indivual Folder?
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    Which is the better leader?

    Which 2681 circa Pilot is the better leader, Hawk or Maniac?
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    starwars galaxies

    Whats your opinion. Also is there an offline game? Plus how get started playing online?
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    WCP/SO Help

    Every time I open up Secret Ops and when the Intro is about to begin the program shuts down and I get a message that says Fatal! Iff: Open read 0 of 203760 in audio/soundfx/00000226.iff The same happens when I play WCP Sim missions or the first mission. Please help!!!
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    Player character

    I love the new Kilrathi Fighter it looks wonderful in the screen shots. Spoons also sounds like a Manaic kind of character,I like him already. I have a rather little request for Standoff's Website. I would lke to See The Player Character added to the Character page. I mean if it won't spoil...